Moschino Sneakers For Those Addicted To Bubble Wrap!

double bubble sneakers

Moschino‘s Double Bubble sneakers have a textured shell of what looks exactly like bubble wrap (technically called the pluriball effect). The fun shoes are available in white or black and made for both women and men. Read more

More Mind Over Matter from Suzanne Jongmans

I first introduced you to the work of artist/photographer Suzanne Jongmans with her earlier pieces from this series in 2009. She has since continued on with the project, Mind Over Matter, in which she utilizes packing materials to emulate centuries old fashions. Read more

Pop Go The Masters! Paint-Injected Bubble Wrap Interpretations & Impressions.

Classic paintings by Masters such as Georges Seurat, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Grant Wood, Vermeer, Monet and Leonardo da Vinci have been reinterpreted by Canadian artist Bradley Hart, each in two very unusual iterations; as paint-injected bubble wrap versions and the excess acrylic drippings on wood. Read more