Backgammon Baby Brings A Hip Aesthetic To The Board Game

Backgammon Baby board games

Erica Anenberg, the founder of Backgammon Baby board games, is no stranger to design. Before embarking on creating cool backgammon sets, she designed jewelry, handbags, stained glass windows for LA’s Kabbalah Center Synagogue, a 16-foot ice bar for the Oscars and intimate glass keepsakes for the Emmys.

Backgammon Baby board games

playing backgammon

With Backgammon Baby Anenberg has brought a hip aesthetic to the world’s oldest board game. The boards and their cases are simply beautiful. Available in various styles and sizes, the game boards are made with a cushioned playing field, stitched points, and soft vegan colorful leather.

backgammon baby board gamess

designer backgammon boards

Each set is adorned with chrome buckles, resin made checkers, solid dice for fair roles and their signature logo plate.

backgammon baby games

With stylish offerings sure to appeal to players of all ages, they offer backgammon sets in classic, professional and tournament sizes (as well as rollup travel versions).

travel backgammon sets

Our personal favorite design is the Funkytown (and the only style available in Tournament size).

Backgammon Baby

Funkytown Set Backgammon Baby
Funkytown Backgammon Baby

Blue Jean
Backgammon Baby Blue Jean set IIHIH

modern backgammon boards

Sundae Delight
Backgammon Baby Ice Cream

designer backgammon sets

Ship Ahoy
Backgammon Baby Ships Ahoy set

backgammon game boards

Bona Fide
Backgammon Baby Bonafide set

Backgammon Baby Bona fide

Purple Rain
Backgammon Baby Purple Rain set

erica anenberg backgammon

Boa Board
Backgammon Baby Boa

luxury backgammon

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