Digitally Printed Ceramics And Porcelain By Alice Mara.

digitally printed ceramics by Alice Mara

The next time you find yourself eating over the kitchen sink, the stove, dishwasher or washing machine, you may find that you’re actually dining on one of Alice Mara’s digitally printed ceramic plates.

Ceramics by Alice Mara

In the ceramics by Alice Mara, the artist takes computer enhanced photographs of the urban landscape and objects and digitally prints them upon slip cast porcelain, ceramics and earthenware. The results are wonderful, witty and unique.

Alica Mara digitally printed ceramics

Plates (27cm x 27cm):
digitally printed ceramics

Ceramics by Alice Mara

Ceramics by Alice Mara

digitally printed ceramics

Ceramics by Alice Mara

Matching Coasters:
digitally printed coasters

Ceramics by Alice Mara


alica mara ceramics
Buy the above Alice Mara Ceramics here

Hanging People (hand-painted porcelain tableware):
Ceramics by Alice Mara

Ceramics by Alice Mara

Ceramics by Alice Mara

See the complete collection of her Hanging People tableware printed on fine bone china (and buy it if you like) at the Hidden Art Shop

Other pieces (no longer available for purchase, but of which I have long been a fan):

“My work is about the urban landscape.
Having lived in London most of my life I enjoy walking around the place and taking pictures of buildings that interest me. I recently completed a body of work depicting my local environment, Walthamstow, which involved cataloguing (sic) a nostalgic journey of familiar landmarks.

Using a computer, I enhanced the photographs to give them a fantastical, surreal appeal. I like the viewer to be able to recognise the environment that I choose to decorate the plates with, either through a sense of having visited the place or a general recognition of the London theme.

By placing these images onto plates, I transform the identity, function and value of the plate into a decorative work of art which becomes readable for the viewer.” -Alice Mara

above: Alice Mara

In 2003 Alice successfully completed her Masters in Ceramics at the prestigious Royal College of Art. Since then she has shown work at many galleries including Canary Wharf, crafts council and the Richard Denis Gallery.

Ms. Mara has also been awarded the Queensbury Hunt prize for innovative use of ceramics and the Ella Doran prize for best new designer at ELDS.

Alice Mara

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