Hip Up That Holiday Tree With 6 New Artist Designed Christmas Ornaments From Lladro.

Artist Designed Christmas Ornaments From Lladro

As part of Lladro’s Guest Collection, artists and designers Jaime Hayon, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup and Devilrobots designed 6 Christmas ornaments based on Jaime Hayon’s head silhouette for the Valencia, Spain company. Read more

Meet BB Billosaur, A Ceramic Piggy Bank for Paper Currency by Lemouton Noir & Co.

Meet BB Billosaur, The Newest Ceramic Piggy Bank by Lemouton Noir & Co.

A prehistoric version of the traditional piggy bank, BB Billosaur is a cute, handmade porcelain character with holes down his back emulating a Stegasaurus-like Mohawk. Forget piddly coin savings, this bank takes bills for some serious savings.

Natural corks secure the 7 openings perfectly when not in use.

This revolutionized version of the the traditional piggy bank design allows you to make a deposit by simply rolling up bills and popping them into the back. The cavity inside allows you to save oodles of moola for whatever it is you’re hoping for.

Materials – Ceramic, cork
Size – 6.5″ tall x 5″ diam.

The cute character has feet and a bellybutton like his predecessors, BB Bank and BB Kids (shown below), from Lemouton Noir & Co.

About le moutin noir & co (from their site):

For many years we have followed the heard like a flock of sheep.
Working hard, learning and growing, we have never let go of our dream.
The black sheep finally wakes up and steps forward to have some fun.

le moutin noir & co. launched in New York City Spring 2010. The principle is to introduce fun, quirky, safe & interesting design products to the market. We have a simple aesthetic and understand and live an ordinary life style. We hope that by consistently finding fresh and new designers with original ideas our customers’ lives will be made a bit easier. Our goal is to bring a smile to your face.

$39, buy the BB Billosaur here at Gessato

3D Porcelain Wallpapers by Daniel Pirsc Add Unique Texture To Interiors.

Daniel Pirsc of the Czech Studio PIRSC Porcelain offers a unique vision for interior wallpaper. 3D porcelain components that adhere to the wall add texture, art, design and color to receptions, public spaces and any indoor walls. Read more

Blue Willow Gets Weird. Multidishes by Maxime Ansiau.

Multidishes by Maxime Ansiau

This wonderfully weird take on Blue Willow dishes, Multidishes by Maxime Ansiau, combines multiple plates into one that can be mounted on the wall as art or used as serving pieces. Read more

Antique Vases For Head Bangers and Tableware for Trendy Urbanites.

Heavy Metal Ceramics and Trendy Tableware

This certainly ain’t your grandmother’s tableware. Well, okay, it is. Only with Pierre Blanc’s added imagery of trendy pop culture icons and heavy metal bands. Roccocco and baroque china and porcelain plates, trays, amphoras and vases take on an edge not found in the average antique store. Read more

Digitally Printed Ceramics And Porcelain By Alice Mara.

digitally printed ceramics by Alice Mara

The next time you find yourself eating over the kitchen sink, the stove, dishwasher or washing machine, you may find that you’re actually dining on one of Alice Mara’s digitally printed ceramic plates. Read more

Vik Muniz’ Ashtray Recreates Classic Art In Ashes And Cigarette Butts.

If you are at all familiar with the work of artist Vik Muniz, you know it’s not unusual for him to use such a bizarre medium as garbage, literally, in his artwork. In this beautiful limited edition ashtray, Muniz takes the classic 1818 painting by Caspar David Friedrich, The Wanderer, and recreates it in ashes and cigarette butts which was then photographed and screened into porcelain. Read more

Animate Your Christmas With 2009 Alessi Figurines

This is the third year that designer Massimo Giacon has designed sweet little magical Christmas porcelain figurines for Alessi. With some additions to the line and some changes (e.g. the nativity scene went from white to red and has individuals characters you can add), they are still one of the cutest ways to add some whimsy to your holiday.

All the figures are made of white porcelain and subsequently decorated by hand, occasionally with the help of decalcomania. Their sizes match those in the previous collection, so if you already own some, these will fit right in!

Here’s the new Alessi figurines for 2009, plus a candy dish and 2 new plates:

New Nativity:

3 Wise Men, Salvatore, la signora Acqua and 2 sheep:

The Hugging Tree:

The Christmas Hug Plates:

The candy dish/pastry plate:

The Alessi Christmas collection from 2008:

And the Alessi original Christmas Collection from 2007:

Buy any or all of them here at Unica Home (as long as they are still available!)