Meet BB Billosaur, A Ceramic Piggy Bank for Paper Currency by Lemouton Noir & Co.

Meet BB Billosaur, The Newest Ceramic Piggy Bank by Lemouton Noir & Co.

A prehistoric version of the traditional piggy bank, BB Billosaur is a cute, handmade porcelain character with holes down his back emulating a Stegasaurus-like Mohawk. Forget piddly coin savings, this bank takes bills for some serious savings.

Natural corks secure the 7 openings perfectly when not in use.

This revolutionized version of the the traditional piggy bank design allows you to make a deposit by simply rolling up bills and popping them into the back. The cavity inside allows you to save oodles of moola for whatever it is you’re hoping for.

Materials – Ceramic, cork
Size – 6.5″ tall x 5″ diam.

The cute character has feet and a bellybutton like his predecessors, BB Bank and BB Kids (shown below), from Lemouton Noir & Co.

About le moutin noir & co (from their site):

For many years we have followed the heard like a flock of sheep.
Working hard, learning and growing, we have never let go of our dream.
The black sheep finally wakes up and steps forward to have some fun.

le moutin noir & co. launched in New York City Spring 2010. The principle is to introduce fun, quirky, safe & interesting design products to the market. We have a simple aesthetic and understand and live an ordinary life style. We hope that by consistently finding fresh and new designers with original ideas our customers’ lives will be made a bit easier. Our goal is to bring a smile to your face.

$39, buy the BB Billosaur here at Gessato

Have A Little Heart This Valentine’s Day. Here’s 64 To Choose From.

creativando ceramic hearts

This large selection of handmade Italian ceramic hearts designed and decorated by various artists are designed to cover every gamut of love from desire to heartbreak. Each individual heart measures approximately 5×12 cm and makes a great paperweight in addition to being a declaration of feelings. Some are interactive and others are simply decorative, but all of them are sweet. Read more

New Sport Plates For Interactive Food Fun By Designer Boguslaw Sliwiński.

You may have seen his wonderful and whimsical Transportation Plates (shown at the end of this post) on some other design blogs such as Dezeen. Now, in addition to those, designer Boguslaw Sliwiński has come up with five new designs that feature a silhouette of a man in various athletic positions, giving the illusion of interacting with food placed on the plate. The five sports: football, skydiving, diving, tug of war and weightlifting are whimsical, but still stylish and will delight children and adults alike. Read more

PURE* Computers and Amplifiers. High Tech With High Style from Amsterdam.

custom ceramic computer cases

Four years ago, I wrote a post on these unusual ceramic encased computers and amplifiers from Plush Department. Since that time, they have updated the technical specs so that the computers and amplifiers have up-to-date capabilities like BluRay, VOIP and video conferencing. Read more

Remembering Eva Zeisel 1906-2012. Her Life and Her Work.

remembering eva zeisel

The world lost a legend on December 30th when Eva Zeisel died at the age of 105. In honor of her passing, I am reprinting a post I wrote on her amazing life and work in April of 2010. Read more

The Beautiful Vases, Dogs and Cats of Gary Steinborn and his Venice Clay Studio.

Venice Clay Studio Hero IIHIH

The Venice Clay Studio features the talented ceramic crafts of Los Angeles born artist Gary Steinborn. Inspired by the work of arts and craft factories such as Grueby, Pewabic, Teco and Rookwood, his sculpted animals and artful vases are sensual, modern and appealing. Read more

Beth Katleman’s Folly. Three Dimensional Ceramic Toile Wallpaper Installations.

Beth Katleman's Folly

“Folly” is a three-dimensional rendering of traditional Toile de Jouy wallpaper by artist Beth Katleman. On close inspection, the elegant, Asian-inspired pavilions that comprise the landscape of “Folly” are populated with kitschy figures, cast in ceramic, from popular culture. Read more

The ‘Utter’ Mouth Pot or Vase by Thelermont Hupton.

These fun tabletop vessels are made of fine earthenware and measure 160mm x 100mm tall. The opening is that of a human mouth, compllte with parted lips and teeth.

In the words of the artist:
“The Utter pots, using the form of a mouth, are a literal manifestation of the concept of objects ‘talking’ to the user.

The finished piece is humorous and edgy. The parted lips of the female mouth may even be construed as sexual. They invite us to ponder what the rest of the ‘face’ might look like.

The Utter mouth pot is designed to be used decoratively or functionally as a vessel for flowers, pencils…”

Price: £39
buy the utter mouth pot here