LED Wallpaper Is Now A Reality. Ingo Maurer and Architects Paper Have Brought It To Life.

LED Wallpaper

For three years Architects Paper and lighting designer Ingo Maurer worked together to support the work on LED wallpaper.

Lighting Designer Ingo Maurer in front of his LED wallpaper (image courtesy of Habitus Living)
Lighting Designer Ingo Maurer in front of his LED wallpaper (image courtesy of Habitus Living)

Martin Hisge, Marketing Manager of Architects Paper, says “Product development takes time, the more so as alongside the pure wallpaper printing, a lot of new electro-technical work came our way for which we first of all had to find solutions.” And the commitment paid off. With the LED wallpaper there is the first marriage of modern lighting techniques with proven non-woven wallpaper.

ingo maurer led wallpaper

How It’s Made
Optically, the wall covering as printed circuit board comes from there. According to the concept of Ingo Maurer, design and function go hand in hand. On white, red or green, matte non-woven wallpaper the conducting paths are printed double-sided as a closed circuit.

Distributed over them are white, red and blue LEDs. The red and blue diodes form optical cuboids with the white lights loosely and irregularly spread around them.

On Green, When off:

On Green, When On:

J.S. Dieber, the Product Designer at Architects Paper, who was significantly involved in the development, expects the new paper to create history. “Thus far, all the works of Ingo Maurer were design classics. The LED wallpaper has also the absolute potential to become that.”

The wallpaper is dimmable, so it can be as subtle as you’d like:
dimmable led wallpaper
wall coverings

Architect’s Paper writes:
“The mood and atmosphere of a room are primarily linked with lighting. In this connection it fulfills three functions: the basic lighting serves orientation, the local lighting or the zonal lighting provides the purposeful lighting for definite tasks such as working, reading or cooking and the mood lighting provides striking accents and highlights in the room. A really special highlight in room lighting choreography is created using the new LED wallpaper – Ingo Maurer from Architects Paper. The first wallpaper with integrated LED lamps. Many hundreds of small points of light set the scene for this spectacular wallpaper as lighting from Architects Paper which is the premium brand from A.S. Creation Tapeten AG who are Europe’s largest wallpaper manufacturers. Behind this idea is the multi prize-winning Lighting designer Ingo Maurer. With this innovation, walls are transformed into a stage for a unique show of lighting, a drama both extravagant and memorable.”

The LED wallpaper offers very thrilling possibilities to illuminate rooms: Dimmed, enigmatic light hardly revealing where the shine is coming from or an urban vibrating atmosphere – to mention only a few options. It’s magic! A big advantage also is that the LED wallpaper can be hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of a room. Interior designers have the choice.

Available colors:

Ingo Maurer’s LED Wallpaper was selected as “Best of Best” among the winners of the 2012 Interior Innovation Award.

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