EICHLERS: A Modern Vision. New paintings by Danny Heller Opens Today

Eichlers a Modern Vision

As a huge fan of both artist Danny Heller and architect Joseph Eichler, the exhibit opening today at Terrence Rogers Fine Art, Eichlers: A Modern Vision, it’s no wonder I feel that this exhibit is a must-see. The show consists of paintings of Eichler’s mid century modern architecture as they appear today.

Paintings of Eichler Homes

Paintings of Eichler Homes
Eichler Carport, oil on canvas, 25×36,” 2008, $3,200


artist Danny Heller plein air
The artist at work

In his first show, Los Angeles painter Danny Heller captured views of suburbia. This new exhibition features the homes popularized by the California developer Joseph Eichler.

To learn about Joseph Eichler and his home designs, click here.

Danny Heller focuses on Eichler houses in his native San Fernando Valley. Avoiding any sense of nostalgia or artificial atmosphere, Heller paints “now” – as the houses exist today – bringing a sense of wonderment and delight that is both original to the houses and displays a modernity that is very much alive.

paintings of eichler homes
Eichler Neighborhood, oil on canvas, 36×72,” 2008
eichler home paintings
Eichler Entryway With Palm oil on canvas, 32×21″, 2008
eichler paintings
Eichler Open Door With Mailbox oil on canvas, 32×21″, 2008, $2,800
paintings of eichler homes
Eichler With Red Bush oil on canvas, 11×16″, 2008
midcentury modern homes
Eichler With Stepping Stones #1, oil on canvas, 21×32″,” 2008

Rather than a portrait of the overall house, Danny Heller’s eye finds a path to a door, a façade’s strict geometry of right angles, or the wonderful triangles of a carport. The atriums become vehicles for catching light as well as an invitation to living.

eichler home art
Eichler Carport Interior #1 oil on canvas, 36×48,” 2008
eichler home entry
Eichler Carport Interior #2 oil on canvas, 36×48,” 2008, $4,800
midcentury modern homes in art
Eichler House With Covered Car oil on canvas,16 x 22,” 2007

In Heller’s vision, a light in a garage or the glimpse of forms seen through translucent glass become as magical as dusk behind Italian cypresses.

paintings of midcentury modern homes
Eichler House With Automobiles, oil on canvas, 19×38,” 2008
eichler house painting
Eichler House With Motorcycle, oil on canvas, 22×42,” 2008

Looking at elements to frame and sculpt, Danny Heller’s paintings hint at the complexity of the designs and offer ideas of symmetry, poise and beauty, all in the context of Southern California, that make Eichlers special.

Eichler With Coral Tree oil on canvas, 11x22," 2008
Eichler With Coral Tree oil on canvas, 11×22,” 2008
Danny Heller, Eichler With Green Oldsmobile
Eichler With Green Oldsmobile, oil on canvas, 19×34,” 2008
danny heller eichler paintings
Eichler with Cypress Trees
Eichlers at sunset

Terrence Rogers Fine Art  Santa Monica, CA .
Regular gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, Noon – 5pm.

Eichlers: A Modern Vision show runs from June 22nd through July 31st, 2008.

Danny Heller