Deconstructed Furniture: The D/Vision Collection

D-Vision Collection

Architect and designer Ferruccio Laviani has blown us away with his unique furniture designs for Fratelli Boffi before and his D/Vision Collection is yet another example of his cutting-edge pieces that combine sophistication with innovation.

D/Vision Collection

Fratelli Boffi’s style is related to classic French designs but it revolutionizes the ancient seriousness with its irony and eclecticism. We thought it virtually impossible for Laviani to top his Good Vibrations and F* The Classics collections he created for the Italian brand, but we were wrong.

D-Vision fratelli boffi all three

D/Vision is a collection of trumeaux – an especially common 18th century piece of furniture which returned to prominence in the 1960s. It’s kind of a buffet-meets-armoire type of piece. But these have been transformed into visionary, unusual objects by Ferruccio Laviani.


D-Vision.0 open

D/Vision.0 maintains shapes and finishes of the original piece of furniture, keeping intact the typical frisé walnut of the period, the bugnato of the lower part and the brass tips. To disrupt the design, a long piece of fluorescent orange plexiglas cuts the upper part of the furniture like a diagonal blade, modifying its structure. The oval mirror placed at the center of the upper part is divided into two by the plexiglas and, due to this separation, takes on two different materials. The first part remains mirrored and the second part loses its reflective effect and is made of glass, revealing the shelves and the contents inside the piece.

D-Vision.0 by ferruccio lavani

The upper part inside is equipped with glass shelves, while the lower part has wooden shelves. A sheet of transparent fluorescent orange plexiglas with a thickness of 12 mm “cuts” the piece into two parts.
Finish: matt lacquered walnut wood.
Limited edition : 1-10 pieces

D-Vision.1 cabinet

D-Vision.1 trumeaux

D/Vision.1 is literally divided into two by an imaginary diagonal line. In this case, the upper part slips symbolically downwards, looking for a point of support, going to modify the image of the original design. This duality is also emphasized by the use of contrasting hues, materials and finishes. Lacquered sections are paired with crimped woods of the upper section. The design is further embellished by elegant details such as the brass ferrules and its oval mirror, hiding the shelves in the chest.

D-Vision deconstructed cabinet

Finish: frisè walnut wood – blue matt lacquer.
Limited edition: 1-10 pieces

Fratelli Boffi D-Vision.2

D-Vision.2 Studio Lavani

D/Vision.2 , the last of the three projects, completes the metamorphosis by dividing the original object into a kind of explosion. As in a cubist painting, which depicts the subject looking at it from different points of view as it happened in the perspective view, the trumeaux is decomposed into different parts and immortalized. Each part becomes a container in its own right, but the importance of everything reappears as soon as one observes the beauty of the piece of furniture as a whole. The addition of military green backgrounds, alternating with areas where the original frisé wood was kept, complete the design of a product that makes the boundary between the single piece and the furniture reproducible in series.

D-Vision 2 cabinet

Finish: frisè walnut wood – matte green military lacquered.
Limited edition: 1-10 pieces

DVision collection at Salon de Mobile
D/Vision collection at Salon de Mobile

D/Vision Design by Ferruccio Laviani

Fratelli Boffi