Good Vibrations and F* The Classics! Distorted Furniture by Studio Laviani.

Distorted Furniture studio Lavani

There’s been a lot of press about the forthcoming Good Vibrations furniture designs from Ferruccio Laviani for Italian furniture company Fratelli Boffi’s F* The Classics! Collection. The new pieces of distorted furniture previewed at Salon del Mobile this past April and has had the design world buzzing since.

The New York Times interviewed him about the forthcoming pieces and computer renderings are making the rounds on the internet. Referred to as “Glitch” furniture by i09, HuffPo and Buzzfeed, the pieces look distorted (as if an old VHS tape were paused), but are actually carved into the wood with computer-controlled milling technology.

The following two images are computer generated renderings of pieces from the collection:
distorted furniture

And one of the actual produced pieces from the collection:

The pieces remind me of an earlier piece he created for Emmemobili called Evolution in which the ornate chest (below) seems to morph into a pixelated credenza:

As I mentioned earlier, Good Vibrations is part of an earlier collection designed for Fratelli Boffi by Laviani with the name F* The Classics! The collection combines the look of antique furniture with modern elements. Classic and ornate forms with Italian and Asian flavor becomes deformed or distorted with with modern geometric shapes and accents of color.

Below are several pieces Laviani has designed for F* The Classics!

The designer, Ferruccio Laviani:

I look forward to seeing more pieces of the Good Vibrations furniture and will share them with you once they are available.

Studio Laviani
Fratelli Boffi

Another artist who has toyed with computer distortions of furniture is Sebastian Brajkovic.

Check out his Lathe collection here