Aviteur Carry-On Luggage Is A Return To The Era Of Luxury Travel

Aviteur carry-on luggage

Seems there’s no shortage of high-end luggage out there nowadays, with new high-tech hardshell brands like Rimowa, AWAY, Roam and Floyd entering the market, Italy’s Aviteur carry-on luggage is a refreshing return to the days when travel had a certain caché and style. Read more

The Modobag Takes The Lug Out Of Luggage.

Modobag Motorized Luggage

For those who travel frequently, this has got to be the most useful invention to date. The Modobag is the world’s first motorized ride-able luggage. No more lugging around an unwieldy suitcase or sifting through your pockets for quarters to get one of those utility carts in an airport. Now you can just sit on your bag as it propels you to your destination. Read more

Encased: Suitcases That Appear Stuffed With Human Bodies & How They Were Made.

Encased by Wei Li

Encased, a project by Fantasy and Fetish artist Wei Li, is a collection of hand-formed leather suitcases. The pieces capture and frame the energy, tension and sensuality of the human form in hand-crafted cases made from 3D molds and embellished with zippers, handles and bronze accents. Read more

Crash Baggage – Cool Looking Luggage That Refutes “Handle With Care”

Crash baggage

Venetian designer Francesco Pavia has reinvented the suitcase (or trolley) as a pre-damaged looking piece of luggage. Purposely dinged and dented Crash Baggage are hardshell cases on wheels in beautiful matte and shiny colors. Already featured in the hippest design mags, shops and shows in Europe and Asia, Crash Baggage is well-designed, durable and made from 100% sustainable plastic. Read more

They’re Gorgeous. They’re Gucci. And They Cost About $50,000 Each.

Gucci Trunks IIHIH

Often when one thinks of luxury travel trunks, Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogrammed steamer trunks come to mind. But Gucci’s new Guccisima Leather Shoe Trunk and the Diamante Lux Leather Gucci Heritage Travel Trunk are stunning examples of another high-end option for travel. Read more

Louis Vuitton Designs Carbon Fiber Luggage for the Revolutionary BMW i8 Plug-In Hybrid.

LV luggage for BMW i8

Buy a BMW i8 and you not only get a sleek, sexy, plug-in hybrid with gullwing doors, but also a trunk full of luxurious luggage. Louis Vuitton has teamed up with the automaker to create a tailor-made set of luggage for the new revolutionary vehicle. Read more

Luxury Custom Leather Goods & Luggage That Won’t Fit In The Overhead Bin.

Sarah Jane Williams creates custom crafted luggage, trunks and cases in incredibly unusual shapes and designs under the name Williams British Handmade. Made with elegant bridle leather and hand-forged metal work by Joe Macneil of Macneil Metalcraft, these bespoke pieces from Sarah Williams are both unusual and beautiful. Read more

BoomCases Will Have You Rocking Retro-Style.

Dominic, aka Mr. SiMo, is a self-proclaimed “audio-nut” who had the interesting idea to turn vintage hard-sided suitcases into self-powered boom boxes, making music portable in a retro fashion. He takes wood and leather vintage suitcases (which he prefers to thin or plastic cases because the acoustic sound quality is better) and adds speakers and more.

Prices Start at $250 for a plug-in only case and at $300 for a battery/plug-in case.

Options include:
•iPod – iPhone/USB Charger: $15
•Double Battery Capacity: $45
•Solar Power Charger: $65
•Wireless Audio Playback: $100 (must have Bluetooth compatible device)

The Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. The cases will last several hours on a single charge (the charger is built in). In addition to running on batteries, The BoomCase can also be plugged in when the party goes inside. To save on weight, you can opt for a plug-in only version.

Many of the BoomCases shown in this post have already been sold, but Mr. SiMo has a slew of vintage hard sided luggage in various shapes, sizes and colors, just waiting to be turned into BoomCases for you.

all images and info courtesy of Mr. Simo
special shout out to Erica Mayer for turning me onto these!

Get your own cool BoomCase here.