The ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

No, those aren’t typos. This piece of functional kinetic sculpture IS called the ClockClock 24 and yes, it costs $6000. The unique timepiece was created by Humans Since 1982, a Swedish design studio who has earned a reputation worldwide for their kinetic sculptures and installations which revolve around time.

ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

Created for Chapel of Sweden, the hypnotically mesmerizing clock is a marriage of analog and digital.

ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

Inspired by the one-off version shown below as part of an exhibition, they’ve now created one for consumers.

The Clock Clock 24, 2008-2010
The Clock Clock 24, 2008-2010

Twenty-four round clocks made of Corian, each with black hands, come together to create one giant digital display.

The clock hands are choreographed, moving in synch, stopping every 60 seconds to form the military time in big, squared off numerals.

Can be set for 12- or 24-hour time in three different modes: minimal, medium or elaborate movement between minutes. Includes USB power adapter.

ClockClock 24- White edition
MADE IN: Sweden
SIZE: 15.75h x 35.5w x 1.5″d
MATERIALS: Corian, steel, electric components
DESIGNER: Humans since 1982
DATE: 2016

Limited edition of 950. Hanging wall mounts and power adapter included. Worldwide shipping.

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Humans Since 1982

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