Oliver Sweeney Tattoos Shoes. And They Are Stunning.

oliver sweeney tattoo service

British men’s shoemakers and fashion brand Oliver Sweeney offers a unique form of personalization. With their Sweeney tattoo service, they will hand-ink a custom design for you on any of their leather goods. Shoes, boots, flasks or wallets can be embellished by a custom design of your exacting specifications by a professional tattoo artist.

Oliver Sweeney Tattoo Service

The process is done in exactly the same way as it is on skin (leather is skin, after all), with their in-house tattoo artist using a real tattoo machine and ink, resulting in a beautiful, individual finishing touch to your purchase. And, as with a skin tattoo, the design, words and style of tattoo are limited only by your imagination.

Oliver Sweeney Tattooist-in-Chief will be in residence in our Henrietta Street Club offering leather tattoo demonstrations and bespoke consultations to help you achieve your ideal personalised Oliver Sweeney piece.


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The bespoke Sweeney Tattoo service is all about leaving a lasting legacy. With every intricate detail finished by hand, the process is completed in exactly the same way as it is on skin (leather is a skin, after all), and the design is limited only by your imagination.

Step 1: CHOOSE
Please do not place an order for your selected product, a customer service representative will contact you later on in the tattoo process to place your order.

Select your tan shoes, boots, or accessory. For the best outcome of your design we recommend you choose a tan leather as often other colourways do not produce the same desired effect.

Step 2: DESIGN

Decide on your design. It can be anything from basic initials all the way to a bespoke illustration; like a skin tattoo, the final design is limited only by your imagination, and can be as unique as your signature. Get some inspiration from some previous designs.

Please fill in the tattoo form with the information required or contact our customer services. Please attach any images of the tattoo design to the form – this will speed up the order process.
Prices start at £25 for simple initials, with other designs ranging from £45 upwards. The final cost is dependent on the size and complexity of the design, and will be finalised prior to ordering.

Step 4: ORDER
Once received, one of our team will get back to you within two working days to finalise your tattoo order and to give you a quote for the cost. If you are happy to go ahead, we will call you to confirm and place the order.

Step 5: TATTOO

All tattoos are created by hand using a real tattoo machine and ink and can be designed on the upper shoe or the sole, or on any of our accessories. During the tattoo process, please note that the leather will darken very slightly around the tattoo itself.  This is a natural part of the process as the leather has to be polished prior to artwork being applied. Please also note that because our tattoos are produced by hand they cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Once your order is complete you will receive your Sweeney tattoo within two weeks. On occasion, we can complete tattoo orders more swiftly but each order is considered on an individual basis and we cannot guarantee a faster service.

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all images and info courtesy of Oliver Sweeney