The ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982

No, those aren’t typos. This piece of functional kinetic sculpture IS called the ClockClock 24 and yes, it costs $6000. The unique timepiece was created by Humans Since 1982, a Swedish design studio who has earned a reputation worldwide for their kinetic sculptures and installations which revolve around time. Read more

The Penis Wall Is An Interactive Wall Of Waving Willies by Peiqi Su.

The Penis Wall Kinetic Structure

The Penis Wall, a kinetic sculpture by artist Peiqi Su, is made up of eighty-one 3D printed penises that each have six segments driven by servo motors. Equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor, each unit can respond to a viewer’s movements. Moreover, the Penis Wall can also be used as a display to represent data. For instance, the waving willies can be synched with fluctuations in the stock market. Read more