Light That Menorah With Chanukah Candles For A Cause

chanukah candles for a cause

Jews everywhere will be lighting their menorahs as they celebrate “The Festival of Lights” for 8 evenings in a row this year. The menorah is meant to burn nightly for 8 nights and that means burning through a lot of candles. 45 to be exact.

Chanukah Candles For A Cause

The story behind Chanukah:
The Chanukah / Hanukkah** tradition celebrates the miracle that, according to legend, took place after the Maccabees liberated the Temple in Jerusalem from the Syrian armies of Antiochus. In the Temple, the Maccabees found a small jar of oil – enough to light the ‘eternal flame’ or Ner Tamid (something that is paralleled in all Synagogues today) for only one day. The messenger who was sent to secure additional oil took eight days to complete his mission, and miraculously, the single jar of oil continued to burn until his return.

Chanukah Candles For A Cause
The Ner Tamid (Eternal Flame) at Congregation Etz Hayim in Arlington, VA

In Judaism, the “Hanukkah Miracle” is celebrated by the lighting of the Menorah (or Hannukia), which nowadays predominantly uses wax candles in lieu of oil, every night for eight nights. Jews light a branch (or arm) of a menorah each night beginning from left and going to the right. The tallest branch (not always in the middle) of the menorah houses the shamash (attendant candle) that is used to light the other candles.

lighting the menorah

We’ve already covered the most amazing Menorahs on this blog several times over the years and have amassed a Pinterest board containing – I kid you not, over 460 beautiful menorahs with which to celebrate the holiday, but one thing we’ve never discussed are the candles. Because there was nothing to discuss, until now.

Chanukah Candles For A Cause

chanukah candles that support breast cancer research

chanukah candles for a cause

Support Breast Cancer or Our Troops  (and now Autism) with your Hanukkah Candles this year. These premium Hanukkah Candles For A Cause are available in either solid pink with a portion of each box sold donated to Sharsheret, an organization supporting Jewish women facing breast cancer,  in Camo (varying shades of green), with a portion of each box sold supporting the Kosher Troops and multicolored in support of the Autism Society. Shop the Pink Chanukah candles here.

chanukah candles that support israeli troops

Hanukkah candles that support Israel

Each box contains 45 premium candles for a full 8 nights of Hanukkah. Each burns clean and bright and for longer than hour. Sized to fit most menorahs, they are approximately 5.5″ tall with varying widths between 4/16″ To 6/16″. Shop the Camo Chanukah candles here

chanukah autism candles
Shop the Autism Society Chanukah candles here

Sharsheret in a non-profut organization that supports Jewish women and their families that are facing breast cancer and ovarian cancers.  From genetic testing to individual support, Sharsheret is instrumental in helping families with support and resources both nationally and locally.

Kosher Troops
Kosher Troops was founded to help improve the Morale and Welfare of Members of The Armed Forces of The United States of America by showing our appreciation for their commitment. The Mission is accomplished by sending care packages that will help them celebrate the Jewish holidays and shabbat. Helping them to feel connected to the Jewish Community while they are away shows that we honor, care for, and respect our American Service Members.

**The word Hanukkah means ‘dedication’ and because it’s a Hebrew word, there’s not one proper translation, meaning there are a whopping 16 different spellings. Whether you spell it Hanukkah, Channukah, Chanukah or Hunnakah, you’re correct.

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