A Hardcover Coloring Book Worthy Of The Coffee Table

hardcover coloring book

With so many great and fun coloring books out there, how do you find one that’s really worth giving as a gift? One that is more than just Farting Unicorns or Cats who Swear (albeit those make fun gifts, too). But what if there were one that was stunning, educational, challenging and engaging for kids and adults, alike? There is.

The Great Big Art History Colouring Book

If you’re looking to not only entertain, but also impress, challenge and inform, try The Great Big Art History Colouring Book. A large format 48-page hardcover bound book filled with line drawings by Annabelle von Sperber representing crucial movements and pieces in art throughout history.

The Impressionists page (also the cover), fully colored in.

Published by Prestel, the book is designed for to provide young readers with hours of fun filled with opportunities to learn. Bound in a hard cover, 48 large black and white illustrations can be colored in or painted with any number of coloring tools (pencils, markers, pastels, etc.).

prestel art coloring book

detail from above page

fine art coloring book

The book features involved and busy spreads representing such art genres and movements as Cave Paintings, Greek Art, Egyptian Art, The Renaissance, Expressionism, Impressionism, Bauhaus, Constructivism and more.

blau reiter
A page about the Blau Reiter (Blue Rider) movement
The page above, fully colored in
A page about the Bauhaus movement
The page above, fully colored in.

Adult readers, too, may enjoy being immersed in art history with this 11″ x 15″ coloring book. This book features all twelve large plates and many more individual scenes from Annabelle von Sperber’s engaging activity book from 2015, Where is the Artist?: From Cave Paintings To Modern Art: A Look And Find Book

Sperber’s first book, 12 plates of which appear as line art in her colouring book

Arranged chronologically, each scene depicts a critical juncture in the history of art: from the temples of ancient Egypt to the salons of Paris.

Egyptian art page, fully colored in
Paris Salon page, fully colored in

The drawings encourage coloring and learning about artistic movements and personalities, making this a source of information as well as a welcome outlet for the artist in all of us.

Purchase in US, $15 here
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Purchase in CANADA, CDN$ 15.74 here

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