Clever Campaign For Minke Turns Movies Into Paper Art.

Movies into Paper Art

This clever campaign for Minke turns well-known movies into paper art. Creative design studio Atipo’s “Gallery Of Papers” for  Minke is a promotional piece of 14 boxed original hand crafted minimalist posters representing classic films.

Movies into Paper Art

Spain-based Atipo used various papers from Minke to turn classic movies into paper art. JAWS, Alien, Frankenstein and 11 more (all shown in this post) become part of promotional piece for the paper manufacturer.

papeles de cine case and posters IIHIH
papeles de cine case and posters2 IIHIH

Exclusively packaged, the 14 original film posters announce a new interactive website for Minke – one that lets you keep and sort the results of your searches in different lists. It gives you the image, the selection criteria and the reference of the papers that you need for different projects, clients and personal use.


Bonnie and Clyde:


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

Edward Scissorhands:

Farenheit 451:
minke paper promotional campaign


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner:

Battleship Potemkin:

paper for characters

The Bridge on The River Kwai:

The Man Who Would Be King:


Psycho (they had a little translation problem with this one):

PACKAGING: the exclusive case was designed in a limited number to hold the 15 original film cards:

The Minke website they are promoting:

The making-of video (English):