Awash In Attitude: Blue Q Luxury Soaps

blue q luxury soaps

The boxes for these bars of soap need to have their mouths washed out with what’s inside. Bawdy, edgy, sweet and silly, it’s the packaging that makes these 100% vegetable based soaps special. Some male-bashing, some just people-bashing and some that are actually nice.

Blue Q Luxury Soaps

your gift mofo soapVibrator soapdemonizing men soapflawlwss soapcan i pet you soapI'm here soapFU GYM soapsweet ass soapyou disgust me soapNice legs soaplove ya soapbeautiful day don't f it up soap assholes soapbig mouth shut soapuou can do it youre beautiful soapADD soapbuttholes soapi don't like you soapwhen in rome soap

Each bar is 2 oz, made in the USA with a 100% vegetable base and added essential oils. Bars are wrapped and then boxed. Fragrances vary.

mo fo soap unwrapped3

They make great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. Get’ em now and  you won’t have to worry come holiday season.

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