Wash Away Covid with Artist Nir Hod’s Nothing Lasts Forever Soaps

nir hod nothing lasts forever soap
Israeli artist Nir Hod has released “Nothing Lasts Forever” bar soaps, 20% of whose proceeds go to support the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) which provides Covid relief Read more

Awash In Attitude: Blue Q Luxury Soaps

blue q luxury soaps

The boxes for these bars of soap need to have their mouths washed out with what’s inside. Bawdy, edgy, sweet and silly, it’s the packaging that makes these 100% vegetable based soaps special. Some male-bashing, some just people-bashing and some that are actually nice. Read more

Glow In The Dark Nuclear Element Soaps are Radical but not Radioactive.

Nuclear Element Soaps

Glow-in-the-Dark Nuclear Element Soaps from United Nuclear products and supplies are the perfect nerdy gift for your science loving friends. Read more

Not For Metrosexuals or Eurotrash, The Duke Cannon Supply Co. Caters To The Manliest of Men.

macho gifts

I’d never heard about the Duke Cannon Supply Co. until my friend Joel posted one of their “Big Ass Bricks Of Soap” on Facebook. Intrigued and amused by the “Smells like naval supremacy.” line and the great bold package design, I did some research. Read more