Aviteur Carry-On Luggage Is A Return To The Era Of Luxury Travel

Aviteur carry-on luggage

Seems there’s no shortage of high-end luggage out there nowadays, with new high-tech hardshell brands like Rimowa, AWAY, Roam and Floyd entering the market, Italy’s Aviteur carry-on luggage is a refreshing return to the days when travel had a certain caché and style.

Aviteur Carry-On Luggage

Aviteur Carry-On Luggage

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With a deep connection to the luxury sector (the company’s founder, Patricia Gucci, is the grand-daughter of Guccio Gucci, who launched his namesake brand in 1921,) the Aviteur Carry-On represents a new paradigm in the world of luggage, combining superlative craftsmanship with innovative materials and design.

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The brand’s instagram reads like a mood board. Romantic images of propeller planes, vintage travel posters, pics of old European architecture, luxury icons and sepia photos of the days when women dressed up to fly. Reminiscent of the days of steamer trunks and Howard Hughes.

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Aviteur carries one stunning piece: a wheeled carry-on with handle, available in three colors: Black, Beige or Grey.

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aviteur carry-on luggage

The bags are covered in Alacantra, a soft, suede-like microfiber pile noted for its durability and used in the finest cars and aircrafts.

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“Nowadays we’re constantly on the move and carry-ons have become part of everyday life, much like a handbag or a briefcase and yet, walking through airports, all I saw were generic products without any real personality, says Ms. Gucci. “I wanted something that stood out from the crowd, that was cutting edge but also evoked an era when travel had a certain style.”

Made in Italy, attention is paid to each little detail with old-school craftsmanship – a testament to the country’s heritage and manufacturing legacy.

The Alacantra is woven to emulate the classic caning seen in old wicker

The zippered carry-on has a clear acrylic extendable handle and brush-finished aluminum casters.

aviteur carry-on luggage

aviteur carry-on luggage

Engineered for maximum capacity in conformity with IATA guidelines, the interior features two accessory compartments and ample packing space lined in highly durable, luxurious Alcantara leather.

aviteur carry-on luggage

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aviteur carry-on luggage

Meticulously stitched and assembled by hand, every limited-edition Carry-On is engraved with its own unique identifying number.

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