More MidCentury Modern House Tissue Box Covers for 2020!

MidCentury Modern House Tissue Box Covers

We were so excited when we first learned about these, made for Palm Springs Modernism week in 2018, but they had sold out immediately and were hard to find. Now they are back for this year’s Modernism Week and have added a few new ones to the collection. The best part? You can now buy them on Amazon!

More MidCentury Modern House Tissue Box Covers

Designed by Destination PSP, the collection of tissue boxes are fashioned after architecturally iconic homes in Palm Springs. The tissue boxes are made on California and come pre-assembled. It appears that several of the MCM Tissue box Covers are already back-ordered at the Palm Springs Destination PSP store, but luckily, they are selling them on Amazon as well.

MidCentury Modern House Tissue Box Covers

In addition to still carrying three from our original post of four, they have added three new ones and eliminated the Bank design. Below are the six tissue box covers now available. A standard rectangular size box of tissues fits within each.

Midcentury Modern Ranch Clubs Estate Tissue Box Cover
MCM tissue boxes
midcentury modern tissue boxes

Created from printed PVC board, produced and hand assembled in Southern California, each box is designed to fit standard low count regular rectangular tissue boxes – approximately: 6 1/4″ D x 11 3/4″ W x 4 1/2″ H

Midcentury Twin Palms House Tissue Box Cover

Midcentury-Modern Wedge House Tissue Box Cover
mid-century modern architecture lovers

Midcentury-Modern Swiss Miss House Tissue Box

Midcentury-Modern Folded Plate Roof House Tissue Box
PS Modern tissue box covers

Midcentury-Modern Butterfly House Tissue Box
architectural art

Tissue box covers come pre-assembled and cost $79 USD each. (prices subject to change)

Shop for the MidCentury Modern House Tissue Boxes here.
Shop all the Destination PS products on Amazon here.

If you’re in Palm Springs, visit their store at 170 North Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA