Campari Unveils Third Edition of “This Is Not A Bottle”

campari x studio 5.5

French design studio 5.5 has teamed up with Campari, the iconic red Italian Bitter, for their third and final time to create one last collectible coffret for the joint “This Is Not A Bottle” project. Here’s a look at the latest along with the two that came before.

Campari Third Edition This Is Not A Bottle

Campari Third Edition This Is Not A Bottle

If you’re unfamiliar with the “This Is Not A Bottle” project, it’s a series of limited Collector’s Editions of the popular Campari apèritif. Created with Studio 5.5, the special packaging always includes a bottle of Campari along with a unique re-imagining of the bottle. This latest is the last of the series.

All three editions of Campari's This Is Not A Bottle
All three editions of Campari’s This Is Not A Bottle

The First Edition, 2017
campari this is not a bottle first edition

The first in the series reimagined the red glass bottle as a self-contained kit with all the necessary components of a Campari Tonic, stacked together. Made using a blowtorch, the borosilicate glass bottle contained two drinking glasses and a mini bottle. The set came framed in wood, as seen above.

campari this is not a bottle

The Second Edition, 2018
Campari x 5.5 Designers

The second in the series reimagined the iconic bottle as an object, a red lamp, said to amplify the taste – an intense light that would awaken the senses and set an atmosphere conducive to a tasting experience in the heart of the bitter.

The Third Edition
third edition campari this is not a bottle

limited edition campari bottlrs

The latest and last edition of the bottle, like the two before, is only available in a limited number of 50. Designed to highlight the versatility of the bitter itself, this collector’s edition is the most useful. It reimagines the bottle as a multi-purpose product; a glass for a Negroni cocktail and a candleholder – or turn the glass over – and it’s an encapsulated terrarium, a vase or even a display case for precious and cool little items.

Campari this is not a bottle

art for campari

cactus in wine bottle

tulip in campari

This third edition is available for purchase here at Fleux

images and information courtesy of Studio 5.5