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San Francisco As Seen By Artists Greg Gandy And Jeremy Mann

Greg Gandy And Jeremy Mann

Principle Gallery in Virginia, recently showed a painting exhibit named ‘City Views’ featuring the work of San Francisco-based artists, Jeremy Mann and Greg Gandy.

I have long been a fan of Greg Gandy’s and am now a new fan of Jeremy Mann’s as well. Having grown up in the SF Bay Area, I feel these contemporary artists captured the essence of the unique urban experience and ambiance that is San Francisco.

Artists Greg Gandy and Jeremy Mann

Greg Gandy

paintings of san francisco
Leaving Broadway by Greg Gandy

In Greg Gandy’s photo realistic paintings, the golden light of sunrise and sunset (the “magic” hour) is a major element, as it bounces off the sloped hills and city buildings silhouetting, or back-lighting, city buildings, cars and people. Bridges and freeways peek out through sunny glares and midday fog. Even the omnipresent city traffic on the one-way streets is executed in such a manner that it simultaneously summons both attraction and familiarity. Shadows are long and inviting as opposed to being ominous. The city is crowded and active but feels serene and unrushed. His works fill the viewer with a calm glimpse of busy urban life and can be gazed upon for hours on end.

Morning Commute:
San Francisco artist

Crossing Market:
SF artist Greg Gandy

Pine and Webster:
Greg Gandy

Sunrise Over The Bay:
sunrise over the bay by greg gandy

Sunset On Pine:
Greg gandy Sunset in Pine

Sunset Over The Golden Gate:
Greg Gandy Sunset Over The Golden Gate

Sunset Over Twin Peaks:
Sunset Over Twin Peaks by greg gandy

Afternoon Shoppers:
Greg Gandy paintings of SF

Sunset On California II:
sunset on california ptg sf

Clouds Over North Beach:
Clouds Over North Beach by greg gandy

Morning In Knob Hill:
Morning In Knob Hill by greg gandy

View From Portrero Hill:

See more Greg Gandy paintings and inquire about the sizes, prices and availability here.

Jeremy Mann:

The Fog and The City Jeremy mann
The Fog and the City In Silver by Jeremy Mann

In Jeremy Mann’s work, which is more loosely executed than Gandy’s with visible brush strokes and a more frenetic painting style, the seductive allure of the city’s rolling fog and rainy wet streets is undeniable. His nighttime scenes, with blurring headlights and streetlights reflecting on the wet pavement, perfectly combine a loneliness with longing. In several of his other works, he captures the ‘midday haze’; a mix of activity, atmosphere and the look and feel of heat rising from pavement or mist as it hangs above the asphalt. Bathed in blues, greys and yellows, he immortalizes both the emotion and beauty of the ‘City by The Bay’.

Midday Haze In Blue:
san francisco art

Midday Haze In Yellow:
fine art of san francisco

Pale Morning Haze:
Jeremy Mann Pale Morning Haze

San Francisco Downtown Sunset:
San Francisco Downtown Sunset by jeremy mann

Sutter Street And Rain In Blue:
Sutter Street And Rain In Blue

Evening Lights On Market Street:
Evening Lights On Market Street by Jeremy Mann

Evening In Blues:
evening in blues by jeremy mann

Evening In Greys:
paintings of san francisco

Evening Fog In Blue & Green:
Jeremy Mann paintings

Lower Fillmore In the Evening:
Lower Fillmore In the Evening Jeremy Mann

See more of Jeremy Mann’s work and inquire about the sizes, prices and availability here.

If you have a fondness for San Francisco, or just enjoy urban paintings, these two young artists have managed to capture the essence of a populated city with a calming gestalt. They both work in oils and sizes of the works are as small as 12″ x 12″ and as large as 51″ x 48″ .

These two artists were also featured last year in a show of Cityscapes at Studio Gallery in San Francisco which still has some smaller pieces of both their work available.

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