Arctic Beasts Porcelain Plates by Tes-Ted and Esprit Porcelaine

arctic beasts porcelain plates

Artist and designer Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, founder of Tes-Ted studio in Paris, has collaborated with Esprit Porcelaine and Les Porcelaines de Limoges to create the Arctic Beasts Plate Collection.

Arctic Beasts Porcelain Plates

Applying his inimitable style of drawing to porcelain, this new collection of tableware from Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, was inspired by the vastness of the Arctic landscape. Arctic Beasts is a sincere tribute to the iconic animals of the Arctic and the unique whiteness* and strength of Limoges Porcelain.

arctic-beast-polar bear on table

Each piece bears a different drawing reproduced with brush strokes executed by hand.

muskox sketches
polar bear sketch
above: Antione’s sketches for the Polar Bear and Muskox plates

Snowy Owl Set:

Arctic Fox Set:

Muskox Set:

Polar Bear Set:

Puffin Set:

Walrus Set:

Arctic Beasts Collection is a limited edition, stamped with the signature of Tes-Ted, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
back side of arctic beast plates

Each of the 6 sets consists of two porcelain plates.

The smaller dessert plate measures 21cm in diameter:
arctic beast dessert plates

The large diner plate measures 27cm in diameter:
arctic beast dinner plates

Arctic Beasts plate collection is made in genuine Limoges Porcelain in collaboration with Esprit Porcelaine and Les Porcelaines de Limoges

at La Fabrique in Limoges
above: Antoine at La Fabrique in Limoges to check design prototypes. This is one of the last places in France manufacturing the original ceramic recipe for Limoges porcelain.

The collection is available for purchase here

*The paste for porcelain combines three essential rocks: kaolin clay, which brings whiteness and plasticity for shaping, quartz, a grease-removing component, and feldspar, a component required for glazing, giving porcelain its unique translucence. They are all local natural ingredients. Then the intense firing process (over 1400˚ Celsius) forms the superb glaze that cannot be penetrated by the elements and gives Limoges porcelain that exquisite and unique translucence