Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

In May of 2014, I introduced you to the very cool hand-painted paddles of Norquay Co. Now, working on a bigger canvas, they’ve collaborated with Abitibi & Co. canoes of Canada. Introducing Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi.

Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

abitibi & Co., canoe manufacturers in Canada, and Norquay Co., who make hand-painted paddles, have teamed up to create an exclusive line of hand-painted canoes.*

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Norquay Co. Canoes for Abitibi

Bringing together function and design, this premium product line features 3 unique designs available in 2 color options, each painted by hand on the classic Prospector 15’ infused kevlar canoe.

3 styles of canoes

Each is crafted in Canada with more than 50 hours of work going into details including wood gunnels, wood seats and a deep dish yoke.


All abitibi & co. canoes are built for greater durability and protection against the elements. While it is not recommended for the unforgiving demands of back-country canoe-tripping and shallow water, the hand painted canoes designed by Norquay Co. are great for touring the lake waters near your cabin and exploring the deep rivers or North America.

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*Quantities are limited.

Allow 8 to 10 weeks production time.
Shipping fees are not included.
Only available in North America.

To place an order or for additional information, get in touch with them at: