More Beautiful Wildlife Moms and Their Babies for Mother’s Day

I wasn’t actually going to put up a post for Mother’s Day today, but I simply couldn’t help myself once I stumbled upon an old folder of great photos of wild animal moms and babies hidden in the bowels of my Mac. A few years back we shared with you touching familial wildlife photos by Suzi Esterhaz. This time, some of the images are from unknown photographers. Should you know who to credit, please let us know. In the meantime, get ready to feel warm all over….. Read more

Arctic Beasts Porcelain Plates by Tes-Ted and Esprit Porcelaine

arctic beasts porcelain plates

Artist and designer Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, founder of Tes-Ted studio in Paris, has collaborated with Esprit Porcelaine and Les Porcelaines de Limoges to create the Arctic Beasts Plate Collection. Read more