Familiar Movie Actors In Famous Modern Interiors. Archilife by Federico Babina.

Archilife by federico babina

Federico Babina, the creative talent behind the Archicine and Archipixel illustrations had added to his repertoire of movie and modern architecture mashups with his latest series of 17 prints which place familiar cinematic stars into the interiors of famous architectural structures.

archilife quad IIHIH

“I have never liked the lack of life in the architectural representations that are often aseptic, clean and neutral. I enjoy imagining what life would be like in these static images. they are comparable to still life paintings.” says Babina. ‘In these pictures I try to exalt the ‘banality of everyday life’ of famous performers employed in simple actions that interact with the space that hosts them.”

The illustrated details are terrific. Each interior features familiar classic modern furnishings by several of the same architects who designed the homes in which they are shown as well as in some of the others (e.g. Prouve chairs, Frank Lloyd Wright chairs, Mies van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chairs and Day Bed, Gerrit Reitveld Chair and table, Rudolph Schindler chairs, Alvar Aalto chairs, table and tea cart, Eames chairs and Elephant and so on). Those of you who know your mid-century modern iconic furnishings may also recognize George Nelson’s Bubble lamps in the Eames case study house and the classic Butterfly chairs by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy in the Bonet home and Williams home.

A closer look at some the classic modern furniture within the posters:
mid century modern classic furniture details IIHIH

And, some of you eagle-eyes may have noticed that Steve McQueen is watching his own movie on tv as represented by the classic poster design for Bullitt:

mcqueen watching bullitt IIHIH

Another wonderful detail is that within each illustration is a framed miniature version of Babina’s previous illustrated series, Archiportraits.

Archilife by Federico Babina

Below are all the prints in the series. In case you don’t recognize the actors or the architects, I’ve given you the full names of each above the posters:

Brigitte Bardot in Jean Prouvé:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-1 IIHIH

Alfred Hitchcock in Le Corbusier (aka Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris):
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-2 IIHIH

Charlie Chaplin in Paul Revere Williams:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-3 IIHIH

Woody Allen in Rudolph Schindler:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-5 IIHIH

James Dean in Garrit Reitveld:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-6 IIHIH

Jack Nicholson in Alvar Aalto:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-4 IIHIH

Jean Paul Belmodno in Pierre Chareau:
archilife-federico-babina-7 IIHIH

Marcello Mastroianni in Jordi Bonet:
archilife-federico-babina-8 IIHIH

Paul Newman in Phillip Johnson:
archilife-federico-babina-9 IIHIH

Michael Caine in Louis Kahn:
archilife-federico-babina-10 IIHIH

Jimmy Stewart in Luis Barragan:
archilife-federico-babina-11 IIHIH

Peter Sellers in Richard Neutra:
archilife-federico-babina-12 IIHIH

Steve McQueen in John Lautner:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-13 IIHIH

Cary Grant in Oscar Niemeyer:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-14 IIHIH

Marlon Brando in Frank Lloyd Wright:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-15 IIHIH

Audrey Hepburn in Charles and Ray Eames:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-16 IIHIH

Marilyn Monroe in Ludwig Meis van der Rohe:
ARCHILIFE-federico-babina-17 IIHIH

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all images courtesy of federico babina