Oh Jesus! 15 Bizarre and Blasphemous Stocking Stuffers

Jesus-Inspired Stocking Stuffers

Whether you’re devout or agnostic, these tongue-in-cheek Jesus inspired stocking stuffers are intended for those with a healthy sense of humor. 14 divine, funny, useful and affordable ways to bring a sacrilegious giggle to the holiday.

15 Jesus inspired Christmas Stocking Stuffers

1. Inflatable Jesus
Inflatable Jesus model for hours of fun • Blow up the Lord and he’s ready for action • Instant Jesus wherever you need him • He floats on water • Measures 50cm tall
jesus inspired stocking stuffers
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2. Jesus of Nazareth Rubber Ducky
Jesus Celebriduck • Size: About 4 inches tall • Made of Safe Phthalates Free Vinyl • Bathe Divine!
Jesus Rubber Duckie IIHIH
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3. Jesus Bandages
Tin Container measures approx. 3-3/4″ H • Includes 15 bandages • Each bandage measures approx. 3″ L x 3/4″ W • Bonus trinket in each tin
Jesus bandages or plasters IIHIH
Accoutrements Jesus Bandages

4. Jesus of Nazareth Bendy
Made of soft, safe PVC material • Bendable and poseable • Great companion on the journey of life!
JESUS of Nazareth Bendable IIHIH
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5. Grow Your Own Jesus
Expands up to 600% its original size once placed in water. Your little faith healer will slowly shrink back to his original size once he is taken out.
Grow Jesus IIHIH
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6. Jesus Action Figure
Made of hard vinyl • 5″ tall figure • Poseable arms
jesus-action-figure IIHIH
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7. Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure
Feeds 5000 with 5 Loaves & 2 Fish • Turns Water into Wine • Glow-in-the-dark Hands
deluxe- miracle jesus-action-figure IIHIH
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8. Dashboard Jesus
Hard vinyl 4.5″ figure • Sits on metal spring with an adhesive base • Add a little serenity to your commute
Dashboard jesus IIHIH
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9. Jesus Magnetic Finger Puppet
A Jesus magnetic finger puppet! On your finger, it’s a puppet; on your fridge, it’s a magnet! • Approx. 4″ tall.
jesus finger puppet IIHIH
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10. The Original JESUS SAVES Bank -The Bank you can trust.
Durable Ceramic Multi Colored Coin Bank with Coin Slot in Front • Bank Stands 7″ High X 5 1/4″ X 3″, Weight 1 lb.
Original Jesus Saves bank IIHIH
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11. Jesus Christ Nodder Doll Bobble Head
This unique 7 1/2-inch hard-vinyl Jesus Nodder will bob his head with a ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ to help you answer those really difficult questions and make the tough decisions. Packaged in a nifty window box, this heavenly figure is sure to bring joy to the holidays.
jesus nodder
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12. Royal Bobbles Jesus Christ Bobblehead
Heavyweight Polyresin construction • Finest quality Jesus bobblehead that has ever been produced • Limited Edition collectible bobblehead from Royal Bobbles • Colorful collector box with styrofoam protection
royal bobbles Jesus Christ Bobblehead IIHIH
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13. Jesus Christ Keychain with LED flashlight
Let Jesus light the way with this pocket sized keychain of Jesus with led beam light
jesus Christ LED Flashlight keychain IIHIH
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14. Jesus Soap on A Rope
Bubbletown’s Jesus Soap on A Rope is what you will need to wash away all your sins, such as laughing at these products.
jesus soap on a rope
Buy the Jesus Soap On A Rope here  (This product was pulled by the manufacturer after many complaints. Boo!)

And while this won’t fit in a stocking, there’s no way I could leave this one out:
15. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press
• Toasts the face of Jesus on every sandwich
• Non-stick plates mean heavenly quick clean ups!
• The rays help to evenly distribute heat ensuring the perfect toast.
• Keep it holy, use swiss 🙂
• A portion of our proceeds are donated toward doing good deeds around the world.
Grilled Cheesus Sandwhich maker IIHIH
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And there you have it!  15 Divine options for sacrilegious holiday gifts.