Holiday Short Shot On iPhone Has All The Feels

apple holiday ad has all the feels

Saving Simon is a three-minute Apple holiday short from the TBWA\Media Arts Lab, shot entirely on the new iPhone 13 Pro. Directed by Jason Reitman, along with his father Ivan, it’s a heartwarming, if not a bit far-fetched, story for those who get swept up in the holiday season and spirit of Christmas.

Apple Holiday Short Saving Simon

apple short saving simon titleframe

You’ll soon forget this is an ad for the newest iteration of the iPhone and instead find yourself rooting for a snowman named Simon in this wonderful example of storytelling without the superfluous narration or dialogue.

Jason Reitman shooting Saving Simon on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Jason Reitman shooting Saving Simon on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Saving Simon is the first time Jason has ever worked with his father, director Ivan Reitman. Both have been honored with Oscar nominations.

jason and Ivan Reitman
Jason and his father Ivan on the set of Saving Simon

The features of the new iPhone 13 Pro such as Cinematic Mode, Macro Video and Low Light Performance are beautifully demonstrated in the three minute movie.

cinematic mode iphone 13pro

Especially nice is that the story is told without any dialogue but instead is accompanied by the song Beyond The Fray, sung by Valerie June.

Family during the holidays is something to which most everyone, regardless of age, race or religion, can relate. This one’s got the bratty brother who comes around, the understanding (and incredulously patient) parents and the main character, a little girl who represents the embodiment of hope and perseverance.

little girl in saving simon IIHIH

A one minute version of the spot has been airing on TV, but its pacing doesn’t quite allow you to get as emotionally connected to the characters and the story.

Go behind the scenes as they use iPhone 13 Pro and features like Cinematic mode, macro video, and advanced low light performance to create “Saving Simon.”

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Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
Directors: Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman
DP: James Whitaker
Production Company: Bob Industries
Date: November, 2021