Two Russian Women Have The World Convinced They’re Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie.

Russian Cosplayers as Cruella and malificent

Cosplayers as Cruella and Malificent (sic) look so much like the real actresses who play the Disney Villians, that half the public thinks they really are Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie. But they’re not.

Russian Cosplayers as Cruella and Malificent

Dressed as Cruella and Malificent, Tanya and Anastasyia have convinced the world they are Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie

Meet Russian TikTok stars Anastasyia Prichinina and Tatyana Duka, drop dead doubles for the two celebrities. Their video portrayals of the Disney Villians are so convincing that most have shared them on social media as videos of Emma and Angelina. So we wanted to set the record straight.

russian cosplay actresses as cruella and malificent

The two have been posting these videos of themselves dressed as Disney characters Cruella Deville and Maleficent (the proper spelling which no one ever gets right) on TikTok where they both have millions of fans and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Their TikTok followers have expressed awe at the uncanny resemblance of these two to the celebrities while the rest of the world appears to have been fooled, sharing the video to social media without realizing it’s not the real actresses.

Anastasyia Prichinina has received worldwide press before for her uncanny resemblance to Margot Robbie in her TikTok videos with Scarlett Johansson doppelganger Kate Shumskaya, like the one below.

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