Halloween is Canceled – A timely short by Andrew Kasch

andrew kasch Halloween is canceled

The collection of horror shorts from JUST SCARE ME on Vimeo is an artist accountability group where each member has to direct a short horror film in two months or they owe the group $100. A fun idea yielding spooky results, one of which is this three minute parody of the famous Halloween movie franchise, Halloween is Canceled,  by Andrew Kasch.

Andrew Kasch Halloween is Canceled

halloween is cancelled short film

Halloween is Canceled is a three minute short film starring Jamie Avery as “The Shape” and Tiffany Shepis-Tretta as “Karen.” A timely commentary on the year of the Pandemic, this would be the night we all stayed home on October 31st. And a good thing too since the Karens out there are scarier than any ghoul.

A short by Andrew Kasch

Jamie Avera (“The Shape”)
Tiffany Shepis-Tretta (“Karen”)

Director of photography: Jonathan Louis Lewis
Sound mix: Justin Cruse

Created for the short film group #JustScareMe
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