You’re Dead – An Immersive Creepy Horror Short

Horror short You're Dead

In the spirit of the season, Dave Clark, Executive Creative Director of the PIA Agency put together this creepy short horror flick, You’re Dead, in which a woman is targeted by an unknown entity after witnessing gruesome acts of violence on social media. Already gone viral on Facebook, we share it with you here.

You’re Dead, An Immersive Horror Short

you're dead, an immersive horror short

Dave’s version of a “Michael Myers” monster for today’s generation was driven by the concept of using our fear and anxiety of not being able to check our phone. The constant need to see every notification, and every text message is twisted in this psychological scary short. The fear and anxiety manifests itself as the “evil entity”. The short was created by Dave Clark and the team at PIA as well as the collaborators listed below.

The original music score was created by PIA’s Emmy Award-winning staff composer Matt Pavolaitis (Sound designer for Breaking Bad, Star Trek Beyond and recent re-recording mixer for Netflix’s El Chapo).

You’re Dead already has over 200,000 views on Facebook with a mobile version (shown below) which prompted the user to lock their phone to portrait orientation, to experience the interactive viewing. The idea was to create a simple immersive mobile film experience without having to wear a VR headset.

Or if not on your phone, watch it here:

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Boo! And Happy Halloween!