A Great Idea : Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper

Here’s a very interesting design project by Schuyuan, a recent grad from the University of Portsmouth, (who speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese…by the way).

Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper

The project tries to explore a new definition of decoration which brings to life the design. Several objects were chosen for demonstration: a heat-sensitive wallpaper which blooms flowers when the radiator is on, a double-layered cutting matte and ruler will reveal the red layer when they are cut, etc. It explores the sentimentality of decoration and its effect on people’s emotions.

Called Design with Life, the project, as described by the artist, was “..to explore a new definition of decoration which brings life to design” .

A very compelling part of the project described above is their Heat-Sensitive wallpaper, which when activated actually blossoms flowers (see below).

Below: Radiator Off

….and with the heat from the radiator on:

A section from the nicely designed brochure that accompanied the project describing the wallpaper’s reaction at different room temperatures:

What a fun interactive and creative idea. No doubt some interesting design firm will snap up this recent graduate. I bet Schuyuan will not be looking for work for very long. Go to the artists’site to see more.

Contact info:
The artists’ e-mail: [email protected]