Karen Beauchamp’s New Wallpaper Collection For Swarovski Elements

Karen Beauchamp Swarovski Crystal Elements Wallpaper

I’ve written a few posts on the many items made with Swarovski crystals, including two previous wallpaper designs embellished with the Austrian crystals; Maya Romanoff and Joanna Basford’s designs (which you can see here). Read more

New Artist Wallpapers From Rollout; Bollywood on Acid & Pantone!

I did a post awhile ago on Vancouver‘s Rollout, a creative design company that produces custom wallpaper as well as a series of artist designed wallpapers. Read more

Rollout Custom Wallpaper & Their Artist Series

Rollout Custom Wallpaper

above: Sultry Hair and War Babies, two patterns from Rollout’s Artist One Series

ROLLOUT is a creative studio that designs and digitally prints custom wallpapers by the square foot. They recruit community-based artists, photographers, industrial designers and cutting edge graphic artists/designers to create amazingly original wall coverings, many seen in hip stores and offices like Worth clothing and Microsoft’s Zune. Read more

A Great Idea : Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper

Here’s a very interesting design project by Schuyuan, a recent grad from the University of Portsmouth, (who speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese…by the way).

Called Design with Life, the project, as described by the artist, was “..to explore a new definition of decoration which brings life to design” .

A very compelling part of the project described above is their Heat-Sensitive wallpaper, which when activated actually blossoms flowers (see below).

Below: Radiator Off

….and with the heat from the radiator on:

A section from the nicely designed brochure that accompanied the project describing the wallpaper’s reaction at different room temperatures:

What a fun interactive and creative idea. No doubt some interesting design firm will snap up this recent graduate. I bet Schuyuan will not be looking for work for very long. Go to the artists’site to see more.

Contact info:
The artists’ e-mail: schuyuan@gmail.com