Inspiring Photos from the 2018 Women’s March.

Yesterday, Saturday January 20th marked the 2018 Women’s March and all over the country earnest and passionate men, women and children… even dogs, joined in the nationwide event protesting for the rights of women and other oppressed minorities.

2018 Women’s March photos

The turnout in Austin, Texas even broke the record for the state’s largest gathering in history:

As they did last year, the protestors in every city showed as much creativity as they did fervor for the cause. Also, like last year, President Trump was protested as well.

Thousands of men, women, neither, either, both and children turned out in cities all over the United States shouting hashtags #Resist and #ShutdownTrump. Even our sisters traveling abroad and dogs showed their support.

A little video we made of some of our favorite images from the 2018 Women’s Marches:

Photos in the above video courtesy of the following:
Denizcan James –
Millen Politics –
Heather Whatley –
Justin Hendrix –
Rich Siegel –
Clemente Bornacelli
Russell Brown
Michelle Delshad
Sariah Dorbin –
Dina Spector-Gomez
Liz Gumbinner –

We have a larger 2018 Women’s March photo album with more great images on our official Facebook Page!

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