Scott Listfield’s Astronaut Lands In LA in 1984.

Scott Listfield Astronaut paintings

Along with several of my quirky passions I have a love of all things astronaut, so it’s no surprise that painter Scott Listfield is one of my favorite contemporary artists. Listfield has a new show featuring some of his most recent work on view at Thinkspace’s 2018 project room. The exhibit, entitled 1984, features paintings of a single astronaut, a recurring them in Scott’s works since 1999, who appears to have landed in Los Angeles.

Scott Listfield 1984 Astronaut Paintings

scott listfield Rio
“Rio” (2018) Oil on canvas, 16 × 20 inches
scott listfield “Jump”
“Jump” (2018) Oil on canvas, 16 × 20 inches

The gallery press release:
Painter Scott Listfield’s hyper-realistic oil paintings depict sprawling, sparsely occupied and seemingly unpopulated landscapes, cast with the unease of an ambiguous end of days. In 1984, a single astronaut appears prominently throughout Listfield’s works, wandering this timeless fugue terrain that feels at once familiar and distant, dreamy and ill-defined, strange, even, in its displaced familiarity. The artist’s works draw from a ScFi inflected imaginary in which nostalgic references to pop culture and quasi-apocalyptic cynicism playfully, if not ominously, collude.

“Picture This” (2018) Oil on canvas, 10 × 10 inches
“Careless Whisper” (2018) Oil on canvas 16 × 20 inches

For his new body of work, 1984, Listfield, as the title suggests, invokes the dystopian futurity of Orwell’s 1949 classic, a text which has experienced a recent surge in Amazon sales, perhaps an indication of some collective, self-reflexive admission. This incidental fact piqued the artist’s interest in the current timeliness of the Orwellian nightmare; a vision of surveilled humanity seems somehow less outlandish and far-fetched in our era of simulated falsification and mediated experience. Our culturally dictated über reliance on social media, handheld devices, and virtual platforms, all in service of some feigned human connectivity, are forged through a bizarre consensual voyeurism – not such a far cry from Big Brother’s omniscience after all.

“Purple Rain” (2018) Oil on canvas, 16 × 20 inches
paintings of astronauts
“Maneater” (2018) Oil on canvas, 10 × 10 inches

These new works include bright saturated visions inspired by a stylized 1980s Los Angeles, hedged by a requisite amount of Listfield’s dystopian edge and barbed wire. The artist’s own 1980s childhood memories inform the paintings, as does the culturally produced aesthetic nostalgia for the decade, evidenced in recent television shows and style trends. Producing a pastiche of time and place, Listfield taps into the misleading anachronisms of memory, and nostalgia’s power of stylization, not to mention the strange ways in which our versions of the past may in fact tell us more about our conditions in the present.

contemporary art
“Hello” (2018) Oil on canvas, 10 × 10 inches
scott listfield astronaut paintings
“Sussudio” (2018) Oil on canvas, 20 × 20 inches
scott listfield astronaut paintings
Borderline” (2018) Oil on canvas, 20 × 20 inches
“What’s Love Got To Do With It” (2018) Oil on canvas, 20 × 20 inches

painting shown at top:
Scott Listfield, “Born In The USA” (2018) Oil on canvas, 10 × 10 inches

January 6, 2018 – January 27, 2018
Scott Listfield
Thinkspace, 1984 (Project Room)

You can read an interview with the artist about the exhibit here.

Several of Scott’s wonderful paintings are available as prints as well.

Scott Listfield

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