Irish Photographer and Illustrators Collaborate for 2018 Jameson Limited Edition Whiskey Bottle

Jameson Limited Edition Whiskey Bottle
photo by Eoin Holland

Illustrator Claudine O’Sullivan, photographer Leon Ward and and illustrator Alex Mellon teamed up to collaborate on this year’s Jameson 2018 Whiskey Bottle. Each with their own artistic sensibilities unite on a design that celebrates the bravery and unity that lies behind every great friendship.

Jameson 2018 Whiskey Bottle

limited edition Jameson bottle 2018

Each year there’s a new limited edition Jameson Whiskey Bottle unveiled for St. Patrick’s Day. Jameson invites an Irish artist to design a special limited edition bottle each year. In 2016, we shared with you each of the Jameson limited edition bottles from 2012-2016.

jameson whiskey bottles for st patricks day

This year, 2018, the Limited Edition Bottle is a collaborative effort from three Irish creative talents: Claudine O’Sullivan, Alex Mellon and photographer Leon Ward.

Jameson Limited Edition Whiskey Bottle photo: Eoin Holland
photo: Eoin Holland,

The Bottle design consists of a bird illustration by Lead Designer Claudine O’Sullivan:

Jameson 2018 Whiskey Bottle
bird illustration by Claudine O’Sullivan, photo: Eoin Holland –
Jameson irish whiskey label illustrations by Alex Mellon
label illustrations by Alex Mellon

with detail symbol illustrations by Alex Mellon:

label detail
and the photo collage by Leonn Ward

new collage Jameson 2018 Whiskey Bottle

Their work represents bravery, unity and the opportunities that lie ahead when friends come together.

Jameson 2018 Whiskey Bottle
Photo: Eoin Holland –

Images and information courtesy of Jameson Whiskey, Claudine O’Sullivan, Alex Mellon and Leonn Ward.