Oval Office Trump Style: My Inauguration Gift

I decided to save new President Trump and the First Lady some time. I’ve redecorated the oval office for them, leaving them more time to build the wall, make more cutbacks to diverse art programs, public broadcasting and the like.

Oval Office Trump Style

Yes, they will be busy people after the inauguration – lots of things to tear down and destroy. So rather than make Melania sit down with a bunch of fabric and wallpaper swatches (especially in light of her not living there), I’ve gone ahead and done it for her. It just needed some “punch.” And in case you’d like a room just like it, at the end of the post are individual images and links to purchase all the items I added.

First, here’s the White House Oval Office as is:

And my newly decorated office for President Trump (see full size):

Itemized list of what I added and links to buy:

A Custom Painted Ceiling featuring all the Trump family members as saints (you’ll have to hire your own custom artist)

A Crystal Penis Chandelier (available from Rock and Royal)

A Gilded Lion throne chair with black leather upholstery (available here)

An Antique French Commode, circa 1745–49 (this one I had to borrow from the Met Museum)

French Louis XIV Chairs (available here)

Gilded Baroque Chests (available here)

Landry and Arcari Leopard Print Wool Carpeting and Drapes (available here) Because the carpet has got to match the drapes.

Velvet Sofas three seater sofas with bolsters and throw pillows (seen here)

A Marble and Gilded Coffee Table (available here)

 a 19th c. Ormolu French Clock with Bacchanal theme (available here)

Custom Gilding of interior architectural details

Ornate Gold and Aqua Wallpaper:

A French Antique Tea Caddy, Bronze nude and objects d’art (available at any overpriced antique store).

The portraits of Donald Trump:
“The Entrepreneur” portrait of Donald Trump painted by Ralph Wolfe Cowan

The Trump as Emperor portrait by Steve Payne (you can get one in your own likeness here)

Donald and Melania, you’re most welcome.