Zillow’s Scariest Listing – Look If You Dare

Zillow's scariest listing

Zillow’s scariest listing is up just in time for Halloween. The online realtor, together with Media Monks, have put up a new home guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Zillow’s Scariest Listing

The frightening 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home located at 667 Dead End Drive is an old Gothic-style manor the realty company “can’t give away.” Listed as The Thistle Mansion, the posting looks much like most others on Zillow at first glance.

But look closely and you’ll see it’s constructed in an alternate reality. A ghostly, computer-generated, rundown home with 13 (yep, thirteen) spooky interior shots and an option to view a home tour.

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zillow's scariest listing

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Click on the 3D Home button on first photo on the Zillow Halloween house listing and you’ll see the film, The Haunt of Edith Thistle, shown below.

Touted as a tour of the haunted house, it’s a cleverly disguised “demo” of Zillow’s 3D Home app, allowing listers to get an idea of how they could present a 3D home tour of their own property. BUT you must keep on watching because things get creepier and creepier the further you go.

The entire faux listing is peppered with clever copy such as “This property includes a dingy cellar complete with built-in meat locker, creaky wooden doors with mysterious witch-crafted claw marks, and an attic that howls with the cries of lonely phantoms” and the especially fun facts and features.

See the listing here on Zillow

all images and information courtesy of Zillow.

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