Your Childhood Effectively Ruined by Thomas Colombo

Artist Thomas Colombo, aka Madman, has effectively managed to ruin the childhood of at least 100,000 fans and followers with his hilarious parodies of the most coveted books from our youth. Adorable board books and teen novels go from Mother Goose to Motherfucker with the simple twist of a headline, an added expletive and the occasional visual twist.

Your Childhood Ruined by Thomas Colombo

Colombo is the owner and content creator of Digital Meddle, The Rantings of a Madman, Your Pet Here and, of course, Your Childhood Ruined, providing laughs and engagement for hundreds of thousand of people on social media. While many may find the digitally created book covers for his FB page offensive, we found them worth sharing for a good gut guffaw or sarcastic chortle. Below are a few of our favorites.

You can purchase some of the satirical book covers on t-shirts through his facebook page here.

Support Thomas Colombo’s talents here.

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