YOHANN iPad Stands Designed in Switzerland Are A Knock Out.


Designed in Switzerland and sustainably manufactured in Germany and Italy, The YOHANN is unlike any iPad stand on the market. Invented by Berend Frenzel, a partner of the Basel, Switzerland design firm sillber, and the owner of an architectural firm, the YOHANN is as attractive as it is functional.

YOHANN iPad Stands

The YOHANN stands are intuitively designed and have a very appealing minimal aesthetic. It has six different positions and comes in either handcrafted solid oak or walnut wood as well as 5 lacquered color options. The YOHANN range fits everything from the iPad mini to the iPad Pro 12.9. in either landscape or vertical formats.

YOHANN iPad stands in Walnut
YOHANN iPad stand in lacquer

Each position is secure and allows for everything from reading to working.

The iPad stands are thoughtfully designed with discreet openings for plug connections:

The additionally embedded holes correspond with the location of the iPad’s speakers to provide clear and unobstructed sound quality for the iPad Air and the iPad mini).:

The YOHANN for the largest iPad, the iPad Pro, includes a nicely integrated holder for the Apple Pencil:


YOHANN ipad stand in Oak

Yohann Wood is worked out of a massive block of wood in a small traditional wood workshop in northern Italy, the heart of high quality furniture production. It takes 10 hours to precisely mill YOHANN from a single piece of wood. Then, YOHANN is carefully sanded, polished, oiled and waxed by hand.

Only a unique combination of sensitive manual work and various precise milling techniques allows us to manufacture Yohann with the highest accuracy and quality.

Each Yohann is then carefully sanded by hand in several steps and treated with a natural oil and wax to bring out the beautiful grain and to achieve a smooth and pleasant touch. These steps are realized in a workshop for people with disabilites in the Black Forest in Germany.

YOHANN iPad stand in Oak

YOHANN Lacquer:

YOHANN iPad stand in white lacquer

Yohann Lacquer is produced by a medium-sized company in southern Germany specializes in the production of high quality interior parts for Germanys high-end automobile brands.

YOHANN iPAd stand in Black Lacquer

Three sizes:

• The largest size is for the iPad Pro 12.9 + Apple Pencil
• The medium size fits the: iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2
• The smallest size work with: iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini

How It Works:

• 6 POSITIONS – YOHANN presents the iPad in six different positions (three angles in landscape and three in portrait view) and enhances comfort and usability.

• SOFT SURFACES – YOHANN is stable on soft surfaces like your bed, couch, lawn or on your lap.

• EASY TO USE – As a one-piece construction YOHANN is very easy to use.

• REDUCED – YOHANN ‘steps back’ behind the iPad to allow you to see its entire design. YOHANN is designed to be as thin and elegant as possible.
• SUSTAINABILITY – All production steps for YOHANN are made by manufacturers nearby in Germany and Italy. This way we support small regional businesses and minimize environmental impact.

YOHANN for iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil:

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