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Oh Those Wacky Folks From The 15th Century – WTF Renaissance

WTF Renaissance images

There are a lot of clever people out there and here’s yet another one. WTF Renaissance is an anonymously authored Tumblr site, a Facebook page and a twitter account that pairs present-day humorous captions with full or details of paintings from the Renaissance. They have nailed it.

WTF Renaissance images

wtf renaissance header IIHIH

Begun this month with 79 posts to date, the tumblr site is much easier to view than each twitter post. I pasted a few here for you so you can enjoy them and then see the rest for yourself.

WTF Renaissance images

Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.12.53
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.13.47
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.13.00
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.16.53
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.13.14
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.13.22
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.12.44
Screenshot 2014-08-16 16.17.30

Absolutely hilarious.
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