A Little Paint Personifies The Mundane. The Charming Work of Gilbert Legrand.

The work of Gilbert Legrand

Ever look at a paintbrush and see hair? Glance at a corkscrew and see a face? Toulouse-based Gilbert Legrand does. Both a digital artist and an illustrator, one of his talents is adding human and animal characteristics to the most mundane of household items.

The work of Gilbert Legrand

work of gilbert legrand

Objects such as ordinary tools, empty spray bottles and kitchen utensils are personified with a little adeptly applied paint and a few extras. Hinges, tissue boxes, even nails are imbued with personality and charm once embellished by Legrand.


artist Gilbert Legrand
Gilbert Legrand

About Gilbert Legrand:
Born in Paris, Legrand has lived and worked in Toulouse for 20 years. He received his diploma of Applied Arts in Paris Plastic Arts and Design. In the early 80s, he began freelancing as an illustrator for the publishing and advertising industry. He currently divides his time between two activities: the practice of computer graphics (character creation, book covers, digital montages) and creating books with illustrations and his everyday objects painted as characters. For the past 10 years he has been regularly exhibiting his product sculptures in art centers across France.

He has had two books published by Editions Sarbacane:
Les Petites Choses à New-York (The Little Things in New York)



And Le Grand Show des Petites Choses (The Big Show of Small Things)

Impression book by gilbert legrand

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