Contrasting Life and Decay in Ceramics: Bertozzi & Casoni Animalia

Bertozzi & Casoni, the artistic duo formed by Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni in 1980, are exhibiting a selection of their most recent ceramic works, Animalia, for the city of Monza. The detailed polychrome sculptures are simultaneously compelling and repelling as they combine an undeniable attention to detail with the macabre. Read more

Gibbs Farm: An Amazing Contemporary Art Park in New Zealand

Gibbs Farm Art Park Sculptures

Alan Gibbs created one of the world’s largest contemporary art parks in New Zealand, where impressive and enormous sculptures by some of the world’s greatest artists such as Richard Serra, Maya Lin, Anish Kapoor and Sol Lewitt majestically occupy the landscape. Read more

A Little Paint Personifies The Mundane. The Charming Work of Gilbert Legrand.

The work of Gilbert Legrand

Ever look at a paintbrush and see hair? Glance at a corkscrew and see a face? Toulouse-based Gilbert Legrand does. Both a digital artist and an illustrator, one of his talents is adding human and animal characteristics to the most mundane of household items. Read more

Illustrative Ceramics by Katharine Morling.

These unusual ceramic creations by London artist Katharine Morling almost look like sketches at first glance. Once she has created the ceramic object, Morling embellishes the pieces with ink-like black lines, loosely drawing in details such as hardware, texture or stitching. Read more