The World’s First Whirlpool Tub Carved From A Single Piece of Marble or Stone.

Neutra Hydrowell Tub

The Neutra Hydrowell Whirlpool Tub by CRS from Italy is the world’s first whirlpool bath carved entirely from a single block of marble or stone.

Carved Marble Whirlpool Tub

Neutra Hydrowell Whirlpool Tub

Carved Marble Whirlpool Tub

Neutra is known for their use of stone materials in creating bathroom and kitchen furniture. Combining the technical requirements of a multi-functional tub with a decision to use only marble and natural stone led to the production of this spa tub made from a single block of stone, a mark of the company’s skill in creating bespoke products.

hydrowell tub 1 IIHIH

Neutra Hydrowell Whirlpool Tub trade show

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The Hydrowell is an expression of Neutra’s ability to design and create increasingly complex and unique products. Designed to perfectly fit in private residential environments as well as in high end public facilities such as a luxury hotel or spa. (above images from Neutra’s Milan showroom)

Below are images of the Hydrowell spa tub custom installed for Café Royal London:
Neutra Hydrowell Whirlpool Tub

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A result of Neutra’s Research and Development office, Hydrowell responds to a specific demand of the contract sector but is ideally suited for any bathroom environment solution. Sizes on demand.

hydrowell materials colors IIHIH
above: Available Materials (Marble and Stone): White Carrara Marble, Basaltina, Pat Grey or Sand Brown


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Neutra Design

Neutra by Arnaboldi Angelo srl
– Italy