Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery Will Give You A Sugar High.

Wearable Confections Shoe Bakery

Founded in April of 2013, Shoe Bakery creates dessert-inspired shoes. Cake-like wedges, flats with sprinkles and heels that look like ice cream sundaes or wedding cakes are just a few of their sweet treats for your feet.

Shoe Bakery Wearable Confections

Wearable Confections From Shoe Bakery

The Shoe Bakery wearable confections are custom created by Chris Campbell and come in several delectable styles and colors. Whether you’re a Chocolate lover, Cinnabon-addict or a fan of Red Velvet; the Shoe Bakery has your flavor.

shoe bakery flats

The flats are fun and casual, the wedges make my mouth water and they can turn platform pumps, strappy heels or high booties into any confection.

custom high heels shoe bakery

While there are some available in their online store, it seems one of the best use of Chris’s talents is creating custom pairs for weddings and sets for wedding parties. They can match the cake, the theme or the colors. Below are images of several pairs (casual and wedding) they have created and sold as well as some of their newer styles available in their online store.

Cake wedge shoes

shoe bakery wedges

Shoes that look like cake

Cinnabon high heels

Mint Chip ice cream high heels

red velvet wedding cake shoes

sprinkled donut platform heels shoe bakery

Ice cream heels

Shoe bakery high heels chocolate

unique women's high heels

High Heels by Shoe Bakery

shoe bakery women's flats

ice cream sandals

shoe bakery for kids

Wedding Cake Shoes:
wedding cake shoes

wedding cake shoes

shoe bakery wedding heels

wedding cake high heeels

wedding cake platform heels

Wedding shoes that look like cake

unusual wedding shoes for women

All our their products are handmade. Every last detail is paid attention to. They can create custom one-of-a-kind designs to suit your needs or they can create a copy of something you might have liked in the gallery on their site.

Shoe bakery shoes

They ship worldwide, too.

Shoe Bakery

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