Stunning Watercolors With Real Flowers by Limzy.

painting with real flowers

Lim Zhi Wei, aka Limzy, combines her talents as a watercolorist and fashion illustrator with fresh flowers to result in ethereal, delicate and romantic imagery.

Watercolors With Real Flowers

Watercolors With Real Flowers
Photo courtesy of Zen Lim Photography

The Malaysian artist uses watercolors combined with real flowers (both fresh and preserved) to give her delicate renderings dimension and depth. Roses, Peonies, Gerbera Daises, Hydrangeas, Lilies and more make for beautiful ballerina tutus, glamorous ballgowns and even elegant kimonos.

Below are some of my favorites pieces of hers.

Her work is also well suited for commercial purposes and she’s collaborated with many brands. She has recently created an ad campaign for Goldheart Jewelry in Singapore, an editorial for, and work for Inoherb Cosmetics of Shanghai.

Some of her work for Goldheart Jewelry’s 2016 Summer ad campaign:

This past May, Limzy collaborated with Lavieflo, Malaysia first and largest preserved flowers boutique to create exclusive Mother’s Day art with preserved flowers.

Some of Limzy’s work for LavieFlo.

And a piece from her series, A Mother’s Love, for Mother’s Day.

Below is her trio made of eustoma, hydrangea and rose representing three vital characters of a modern woman (charming, clever and courageous) for Taiwan’s Queen Tv Show 2015 cosmetics award.


About the artist (from her site):
Lim Zhi Wei, who goes by the pseudonym and childhood nickname Limzy is a Malaysian visual artist. She grew up in her hometown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and later moved to Singapore at the age of 16. She was a fine art graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA) of year 2011, majoring in Western Painting and a recipient of the NAFA Full Scholarship during her studies in the college.

Limzy at work
Limzy at work

After graduation, she began teaching children’s art full time. It was the time when she got driven by how children view the world differently, and inspired by the materials she used to teach in class. She found that she had minimal time to create her own work, hence making full use of little objects she found around her home and class.

Multidimensional in her talents, Limzy is highly regarded in the fields of visual arts, digital and social media. Limzy’s works are curated on Instagram herself as she treats it as a gallery of its own and a place that conveys happiness through art for everyone to enjoy. Her works involve using ordinary materials from flowers to stationery found in everyday life that connects instantaneously to everyone. It is a indeed life changing decision which allows her works to gain worldwide recognition and an amazing amount of audience growing everyday.

Her works have been featured by both local and overseas media including Instagram homepage, My Modern Met United States, Bored Panda, Mayhem Magazine Australia, Elements Magazine Malaysia, Push Culture and Uncertain Magazine Singapore, and she was invited as a presenter at 2014 Malaysia Forum in National University Singapore, and Mother’s Day Campaign and Workshop at Rockstar Singapore 2014.

Limzy continues to expand and experiment her works as small as on a paper, and as large as on an installation.

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