A New Look for LOFT Hemp-Infused Herb Tonics.

In a new partnership with conscious products collective BeyondBrands, the former Williamsburg, Brooklyn based hemp-infused beverage brand LOFT Tea Collective has been renamed, repackaged and relaunched as LOFT Herb-Infused Hemp Tonics.

LOFT Hemp-Infused Herb Tonics

LOFT co-founder Michael Christopher with the old version of the product

In 2015, organic beverage pioneer Eric Schnell joined forces with tech entrepreneur and hemp advocate, Michael Christopher, to create LOFT.

The bottled hemp-infused beverages were originally named Loft Tea

Initially Loft Tea Inc. offered a line of sparkling, CBD-infused, cold brewed teas named Renew, React and Recharge. In addition to the herbs and flavors, they were naturally sweetened with with organic stevia leaf and contained 10 mg of non-GMO hemp derived cannabinoids in each 12 oz. bottle. Loft Tea received 2nd Place in the Beverage Industry’s Reader’s Choice New Product of September 2015, but must have not been selling, hence the visual overhaul.

sample bottles of what was then called Loft Tea

Now renamed LOFT hemp-infused herb tonics, the bottled drinks whose recipes remain unchanged, have a new logo, new tagline and new packaging designed by Element18. As well as a new partner to help them get the word out.

They have changed their logo and tagline from Loft Tea, Modern Wellness (without any visual nod to the hemp) to LOFT, Be Free with a stylized marijuana leaf:
Like many beverage product redesigns, the bottles now have bright colorful labels in an effort to stand out among the competitive and crowded shelf space.

The Original
Their first bottle designs were my personal favorite. Sophisticated, elegant and subtle with each having their own monochromatic color scheme:
Clearly too subtle. They then added foil and colored labeling to the neck and bottles:
New for 2016
Now, after partnering with BeyondBrands,  the bottles feature screw cap tops and the new logo and tag line; each with their own color scheme and pattern.

LOFT’s line of first-to-market non-psychotropic, phytocannabinoid-rich ‘Hemp Infused Herb Tonics’ was unveiled at the BEVNET LIVE New Product Showdown at Metropolitan West in New York last week.

“LOFT was born out of a desire to offer the first ready-to-drink, healthful hemp-infused herb tonic to the beverage world and is on a mission to educate American consumers on the benefits of hemp derived phytocannabinoids and their implications in providing sustainable, natural solutions for enhanced wellness”, says co-founder Michael Christopher.

After two years in development, LOFT will launch the three functional, hemp-infused herb tonics this summer in the New York/Tristate area, a region that boasts an addressable market of 23 million consumers with $1.56 trillion in GMP. With a focus on independent natural food, c-store, grocery, service, university and hospitality distribution channels, the company offers first-to-market hemp-infused beverages that celebrate the wellness benefits of non-psychotropic, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, considered to be the ‘superfood of the next generation’ for its implications in enhancing mood, appetite, stress, sleep and memory via the human endocannabinoid system.

About BeyondBrands
BeyondBrands is a conscious products collective of natural products and industry pioneers that work with new and established brands in food, beverage, beauty, fashion and cannabis therapeutics to achieve “conscious brand” status. The partnership ensures sustainable approaches to production and corporate footprint while providing access to strategic growth opportunities, industry experts and best practices to become a trusted, national leader in healthful, smoke-free hemp-infused beverages.

About LOFT
LOFT was co-founded in 2015 by former Groupon, Inc. product development manager and legal cannabis entrepreneur, Michael Christopher, alongside natural products innovator and healthy beverage pioneer, Eric Schnell, also co-founder of Steaz, the nation’s largest fair trade, organic ready-to-drink tea brand. The company seeks to capitalize on the social acceptance of legal hemp and cannabis as a source of natural wellness and nutrition for everyday consumers in a nation where 27 states have passed legal hemp and cannabis reform. LOFT taps into a $6.7B legal hemp and cannabis market and a $150B non-alcoholic beverage marketplace driven by better-for-you alternatives to sugar-laden carbonated-soft-drinks.