Make Way For The Dark Wolf, W Motors Fenyr SuperSport.

Fenyr supersport in chrome

W Motors is the very first Middle Eastern manufacturer of Supercars. Having already achieved fame with one of the rarest exotic automobiles in the world, the $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport, they have just unveiled their second offering – and their first mass-produced – the Fenyr SuperSport.

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

Fenyr SuperSport W Motors

Fenyr SuperSport W Motors

Faster and more powerful than its predecessor the Fenyr SuperSport, named after the most aggressive and vicious wolf in mythology, will also be more signficantly more affordable. Think of it as W Motors’ “starter car”. Limited to production of only 25 units per year as compared to The Lykan Hypersport’s 7, this carbon fiber masterpiece perfectly balances advanced aerodynamics engineering with aggressive aesthetic design.

blk fenyr head on road

The Fenyr Supersport was conceived by the W Motors internal design team, headed by design director Anthony Jannarelly. The vehicle, which was years in the works, was developed with W Motors’ illustrious partners Magna Steyr Italy and RUF Automotive of Germany.

copper fenyr profile

All of this hard work and dedication came to fruition with the Fenyr SuperSport, a wild creature with a full carbon-fiber body and a tubular, lightweight aluminum chassis that reduces the weight to a mere 1,200kg.

Fenyr SuperSport W Motors

Fenyr SuperSport W Motors

The heart of this machine is a one-of-a-kind flat 6 cylinder 4.0L twin turbo, mid-rear engine engineered in Germany by the renowned RUF Automobile company (famous for modifying porsches).

red fenyr rear on road

To contribute to its performance, a 7-speed double clutch gearbox is in place aiming to take advantage of the 900 horsepower and 1,200 Newton-Metre torque.

red fenyr overhead

The twin-turbo engine will enable the SuperSport to go from 0 – 62 mph “in less than 2.7 seconds” and reach a top speed exceeding 400 km/h (248 mph)

The new Fenyr SuperSport focuses purely on performance, power and speed. Limited to only 25 units per year, the carbon fiber masterpiece perfectly balances advanced aerodynamics engineering with the aggressive aesthetic design. The supercar has an aggressive front fascia with LED headlamps and massive air intakes, a ventilated hood, and protruding side skirts.

silver Fenyr SuperSport at 2016 autoshow
silver Fenyr SuperSport at 2016 autoshow

The Triptych Active Spoiler

purple fenyr rear three quarter road

The Fenyr SuperSport boasts an innovative active spoiler that is one of a kind. The Triptych Active Spoiler is composed of three separate moving flaps, the Fenyr’s spoiler operates using a complex electro-mechanical system that guarantees the synchronous movement of all three surfaces.

The side panels deploy automatically at 80 km/h and the master panel deploys at 120 km/h, helping the car to keep the rear planted when driving at high speed before folding back seamlessly into the body.

blk fenyr rear three quarter road

No interior photos have been unveiled as of yet, but it is expected to have an interior similar in design to that of the Lykan Hypersport – only without the extreme luxe details of gold seat stitching, gem-encrusted headlights and holographic virtual reality display. Alacantra leather and carbon fiber inserts are likely to embellish what will be a state-of-the-art technological instrument panel.

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport

The Fenyr SuperSport will be available in both a right and left wheel drive.

Technical Specs

Coupe Only
Light Carbon Composite Body
Unique W Motors Styling DNA
Exclusive Exterior Paint Schemes

Boxer Type, 4.0L Flat 6
Twin Turbocharger with Independent Intercooler
Mid-Rear mounted engine
Rear Wheel Drive
Fully Catalyzed, stainless steel exhaust system with active bypass valves
Max Power 671KW (900hp) at 7100 rpm
Max Torque 1100Nm at 4000 rpm

Seven Speed Double Clutch PDK (With Paddle Shift)
Limited Slip Differential
Transversely Rear Mounted

Front Axle: McPherson-strut, anti-roll bar
Rear Axle: Multi-link suspension, horizontal coil over shock absorbers, anti-roll bar

6 piston aluminum mono-bloc calipers ventilated, cross drilled ceramic composite discs
Brake Disc Diameter: 16.5 / 16.5 in (420 / 420 mm)
Brake Disk Thickness: 1.3 / 1.3 in (34 / 34 mm)
Anti-lock Braking System, Bosch ABS 8.0
Traction Control (TC)

Length: 4684 mm
Width: 1983 mm
Height: 1199 mm
Wheelbase: 2625 mm
Front Track: 1667 mm
Back Track: 1720 mm
Estimated Kerb Weight: 1200 kg

Lightweight forged aluminum wheels, unique for W Motors
Front Wheels: 8.5” x 20”
Back Wheels: 12.5” x 21”
Front Tires: 255/35 ZR 20
Back Tires: 335/30 ZR 21

Liters/100km (mpg)
Urban: 20.0
Non-Urban: 9.9
Combined: 13.5
CO2 Emission (g/kg): 311
Efficiency Category: G

** W Motors’ Lykan HyperSport is currently on display at the Museo dell’automobile di Torino at the World Style History section.

w motors badge and Fenyr logo

W Motors was initially established by CEO Ralph Debbas, a graduate of England’s Coventry University School of Art and Design, in Lebanon, though the company is now headquartered in the Dubai.

W Motors