Vlada Haggerty aka Vladamua Has Great MakeUp Licked.

vlada haggerty lip art

Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty’s fantastic lips are such works of art, she’s inspired artists, bakers and jewelers with her craft.

Vlada Haggerty Lip Art

amazing lip art

Ukraine born and raised, LA based makeup artist and hair stylist Vlada Haggerty, who goes by Vladamua on Instagram and Facebook, has garnered a large following on social media. And it’s no wonder, her fabulous macro images and tutorials of her lip art are as aesthetically appealing as they are educational.

vladamua lip art

Tribute to Salvador Dali lip art
Tribute to Salvador Dali
makeup art
A collaboration with limelight clothes

instagram lip artist vladamua

Matte, shiny, ombre, glittered or representational, her painted pouts and gooey lips are so pretty, they can be likened to pop art and posters.

instagram lip artist vladamua

amazing lip art

vlada haggerty lipstick art

pop art lips makeup

minnie mouse lips

sushi lips

lipstick art

vladamua lipstick art

lip artist

artist makeups

halloween dracula lips

Inspiring Other Artists

Whether dripping in metallics, encrusted with jewels or painted to resemble objects, her work has inspired several other artist who work in different mediums.

Artists such as Chris Clarke:
chris clarke lip art
You can purchase either of the two above prints here

Jeremy Biggers (aka Stem and Thorn):
jeremy biggers lip paintings
above left:, 12″ X 12″ acrylic on wood cutout, photo by Julia Kuzmenko McKim; right: work in progress

Bakers such as Inspired To Taste have turned Vlada’s lips into cookies:
lip cookies

Even jewelers like Yoaila Jewelry :
yoila jewelry lip rings
above left: The Vlada Lip Drip ring with diamonds; right: Vlada Lip Drip Rings in rose, white and yellow gold

jack-o-lantern lip art

Watch full videos of her tutorials and more on herYouTube channel here)

Vlada sells some Art Prints of her work here on etsy.

Credits and Makeup Brands:

Vlada posts all the credits for the work on each of her images on Instagram. She uses several brands of makeup, among them: Wolfe Face Art & FX , NYX Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kryolan, Mehron Makeup, Kat Von D Beauty , Lime Crime, Sigma Beauty, Coloured Raine, Make Up For Ever, Smashbox Cosmetics, Graftobian Makeup Company, Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, Cailyn Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

Majority of the photos of Vlada’s work were taken and retouched by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

About Vlada (from her website):

Vlada Haggerty aka @Vladamua
Vlada Haggerty aka @Vladamua

Vlada was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. She started her professional makeup carrier in 2011 when she underwent makeup training in one of the best pencil technique makeup schools in Eastern Europe “Natalia Nayda Makeup School”, graduating with the highest score in the class. This made it possible for Vlada to enter in the Open Cup of Russia Independent Championship on Hairdressing, Nail-Design and Make-Up in Saint Petersburg in September, 2011. The result of the competition was two awards: silver cup in the Fantasy Makeup category (“The Sunflower”), the bronze cup in the Runway Makeup category (J’Adore) and silver for the total score. In October 2011 Vlada got the bronze medal in Kiev Makeup Championship in October, 2011 in the category “Runway look”.

Vlada’s makeup and hair styling works were published internationally in Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, Like a Lion (Australia), Story (Ukraine), HOLE (Germany), WHERE (USA), Elegant Magazine, Elegant Ink, Fuse, Brink, Dark Beauty Magazine, Kaiouti Mag, Jute Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar USA (online), Elle, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen.

Vlada works mainly on set (editorials, fashion, beauty photo shoots) and with makeup brands (lip and eye macro makeup and photography).

Artist Jeremy Biggers on Instagram: @stemandthorn
Artist Chris Clarke on Instagram: @chris_clarke_art
Jeweler Yoaila on instagram: @Yoaila_jewelry

Vlada Haggerty 
Facebook: vladamua
Instagram: @vladamua

all images courtesy of @Vladumua and the other artists