Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas: The Vice Versa Low Table

vice versa low table

The Vice Versa Low Table, a collaboration between the Gustav van Treek Studios’ Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas, combines modern furniture design with hand-blown stained glass that can only be seen via reflection.

Vice Versa Low Table

edition van Treeck
Vice Versa Low Table

Munich’s Gustav van Treeck Studios develops design objects made of refined glass. Their unique short-runs, series and limited edition pieces from their “edition van Treeck” represent high quality objects integrated with applied art (mosaics and stained glassworks) which in turn become extraordinary pieces of furniture.

They are the result of collaborations between international designers and the well–established workshop in Munich. The unique characteristics of the glass assign an important role to both objects and environments. The translucent and colorful accents in the object itself advances and realizes unique ideas.

VV low table1

stained glass art furniture

custom furniture

the following description is courtesy of edition van treeck:
Vice Versa / Low Table by Christian Haas combines clear shapes and minimal design with Gustav van Treeck’s intuitive craftsmanship. Fascinated by the workshops’ fine skills and their archive, the central element of Haas’ low table is an opulent stained glass-work, visible only through reflection.

stained glass coffee table

The motif is a detail from a Bavarian glass painting from the 19th century. The colors selected for Vice Versa correspond to the historical design upon which it was modeled.

The table is constructed of stainless steel, handcrafted mirror, hand-painted and hand-blown antique glass, lead glazing and even has LED lights enable you to illuminate the artwork.

vice versa lighting

modern furniture design

Following the techniques of the old masters, the hand-blown glass panes have been cut taking in account their individual structures. Furthermore, they have been contoured, etched, painted and leaded in the traditional manner.

Unique Motif / 2015 / Hand-Blown Antique Glass, hand-painted / Lead Glazing, handcrafted Mirror / Stainless Steel / LEDs / L 150 x D 80 x H 48cm (31.5 x 59.06 inches) / Price upon request from edition van Treeck.

About Gustav van Treeck Studios:

The Gustav van Treeck GmbH corporation was founded in Munich in 1887. It was appointed ‘Bayerische Hofglasmalerei’ (Royal Bavarian Studios for Glass Painting) by the Bavarian royal court in 1903. The workshops provide designers, artists, architects, building authorities and companies with the possibility of creating art and design objects in glass. From unique mosaics or modern glassworks in melting and other refining techniques to stained glass windows, restoration and reconstruction – the team of glass painters, craft glaziers, mosaicists and consultants supports, advances and realises unique ideas.
Gustav van Treeck Studios

About Christian Haas:

German born Industrial Designer Christian Haas began working in Munich before opening his Paris Studio in 2007, a move that would extend his personal and brand portfolio through multiple disciplines from porcelain, glassware and lighting to furniture and interior design. Studio Christian Haas is based in Porto, Portugal.
Haas works with renown companies such as Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch and Theresienthal for whom he creates products that are a playful harmony between sobriety and style, using both pure and inspired lines.

Christian Haas

Production in collaboration with Atelier F

images and info courtesy of Edition van Treeck and Christian Haas